Florida Get-A-Way

This winter has been so brutal that a second vacation was much needed. I hopped on a plane to Florida and didn't look back.

I don't do winter well at all. Anytime that the temperature gets to be in the negatives, I'm out of here. PA, I love you and all, but you're simply just too cold. I met some of my favorite people down there, as they were staying for two weeks, and I, only one. So totally not fair!

It was a bit chilly when I got there, and by chilly I mean a whopping fifty degrees. But hey, I went all the way to Florida for beach weather, not this nasty fall-ish kind. The first day, we got oh so deserving pedis. It was heavenly. Thankfully, after a few days of wearing jeans and sweaters, I was able to pull out the bathing suit and sandals and head to the beach.

Over my six days that I was there we went to several yummy places to eat. Some being the all famous Marco Island family owned eat-ins and other nights we went to family friend's homes to enjoy their company.

Of course I was always overdressed. What else is new? Even so much so that my little sis, who mind you is five, said, "You need to go change. Not every day is fashion." Needless to say, it was all I had and I was stuck looking simply fabulous for all of the retired hotties.

After a few days on Marco Island, we headed west to Orlando. You know what that means right?! DISNEY! I had never been to Disney before then, and so I was as excited, maybe even more so than my little sis. It was a five or so hour car ride, but with entertainment in the booster seat next to me, and Pinterest when she got a little sleepy, it wasn't all that bad.

Disney was a blast. We arrived on park grounds around nine in the morning and left around eleven at night. A long, overly exciting, and exhausting day; but it was oh so magical. We watched some of the cutesy shows, rode the classic rides, and yes, of course, we waited an hour and a half to meet Anna and Elsa.

I wouldn't trade that day for the world. Seeing my little sis's reactions to the characters, the shows, and the fireworks over the castle were priceless. That night once we got back to the hotel, we were all giddy from the amazing day we just had.

Sadly, the next day we would have to make the four hour drive to the airport, because it was time for me to head home. Along the way we stopped at the Fort Myers Outlet Mall. It wasn't my idea...at all! As we headed to the airport, I noticed a notification come up on my phone from the airline. Flight delay. Oh great. My first flight into Charlotte was delayed...and delayed again...and again! By the time I had gotten to the airport, checked through security, and in the terminal, my flight had been delayed by an hour and a half. I was going to miss my connecting flight by one minute.

I had to be at work the next day, so frantically I tried finding another connecting flight. Nothing. Absolutely nothing was going out until the next morning. Either I would stay in Florida another night or get stuck at the airport in Charlotte for eight whole hours. No way. After chatting with the other passengers around me; all of which were about to miss their connecting flights as well, I heard a sweet sound over the loud intercom. "Final call for boarding Flight 1870 to Philadelphia".

I don't think I have ever jumped up so quick in my life. The flight next to mine was going to PHL. What are the odds? You got me, but I ran over to the section next to mine down and desperately asked if there were any more seats on this "full flight". And what do ya know, one seat. One. One was left. That ticket was mine. I rushed over to grab my carry-on suitcase that I had abandoned at the other seating area, got my ticket, and rushed on the plane as they were shutting the doors behind me. I just made it.

What a life saver. A straight flight from Florida to Philly. Man had I never been so happy to be in good ol' Philadelphia. Me, being the goofball that I am, forgot to put my tennis shoes on after getting off the plane. So, I walked outside in twenty degree weather to my boyfriend's car with sandals, no jacket, and yes, I froze. Back to the cold and back to reality.

I'm ready for another vacation already! Where to next? What are your favorite vacation destinations?

Here are some more pictures from my trip to Florida. Thanks for reading!



  1. Sounds like such a fun trip! Gray skies and melting snow over in Texas today so a trip to Florida sounds just perfect!! :)

    1. It was nice to get away. Now I'm right there with ya...back to reality, freezing temperatures, and yucky snow.

      Thanks for stopping by! xx Kristen

  2. Connecting flights are so stressful! So glad you made it. I am dreaming about a warm beach vacation in my future though we're actually going to Toronto in April. It won't be warm but we're looking forward to seeing friends!

    1. They really are! It makes it almost worth spending the extra money to have a straight through flight! haha!
      I hope you have a great trip in April! Stay warm and thanks for stopping by.

      xx Kristen

  3. I definitely love your sense of style. You fit right in with the Flordia heat.

  4. Thank you! I so wish I was still there right now! haha Thanks for stopping by!
    xx Kristen

  5. I too go to the outlets malls every time I find myself in Florida. I love Disney World, even as an adult it excites me. I'm really excited to take my nephew one day.


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