Hanging out at QVC with Nancy & Mally

Apr 22, 2015

Can I just say that I absolutely love these two ladies. Nancy Hornback & Mally Roncal are two of my biggest role models in life, fashion & beauty.

Nancy is one of my best friends and I love her dearly. There has never been a day since I've known her that she hasn't encouraged me to follow my dreams & help me live them.

When she told me that she was going to be on air with Mally (my fav makeup artist!) of course I was more than willing to start my "day" at eight thirty at night to be in the studio by ten.

I got to live a "day in the life" of a QVC host and oh boy was it amazing! Such a fast paced night; never a dull moment. We met with guests, founders & representatives of products, and of course, hung out with Mally.

I had met Mally last Summer on National Wear Lilly Day aka the first day of Summer at an ULTA Beauty event. I never thought that she would remember me... but she did! We both did that high pitched oh my gosh! Hi!! as we hugged & laughed. Pardon my mini fan girl moment.

I got to watch Mally work her magic in the dressing room as she did Nancy's makeup for the show. Learning all of her tips & tricks in real life was the highlight of my night. Fun fact: The very next morning... like a few hours after we left the studio, I was to have a job interview that involved a full-face makeover. While I was there they said, "Wow! She's just like the girls on TV." Well of course I am. That's who I learned from ; ) Needless to say, my interview went very well. More of that to come in another post once things are official! Eek!

Okay. Okay... back to my story. Soo, after Nancy's makeup was done, it was time for hair, pre-show prep & dress. Then it was lights, camera, action!

I got to be in the room that they were airing from. I sat like ten feet from where they were the whole time. It was such a great experience to be immersed in. It was quite funny though because the whole night, I had models and guests coming up to me asking if I was the new host in training. Oh. My. Gosh. If only! 

But hey, at least I got to live my dream for a little while! The whole night into the morning was full of laughs, gorgios makeup & all of my fav beauty products. I'll share some of my favorite pics from the night below.

 xx Kristen

outfit details below

Lights. Camera. Action. 

And we're live!

Eek! Right next to me!

I was the camera director gal. Just kidding... 

Outfit: Michael Kors denim, C. Wonder button up, J. Crew sweater & Jewelry, MK Gold Retail Parker Watch, Kohls wedges 


  1. Aw! That looks so fun. I'm glad you had such a lovely day Kristen! I love your outfit and Nancy's dress too!

  2. This is too fun!!! I've actually been looking at applying to QVC for various jobs...I'm a brand strategy girl who almost went to theatre girl, but I have my own lifestyle/fashion/beauty blog, so part of me feels drawn to QVC as if it's fate! Ha!