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It's official. I'm a big girl now. I got a dream job as an assistant manager for bareMinerals.  I mean, my job is to play with makeup all day. Best. Thing. Ever. 

So, as crazy as I am, in a matter of a month, I signed an apartment lease, accepted a new job, and moved into my own apartment. Being an adult is hard. And expensive. But, I love it. 

It's about time though. I finally got to put my pinterest boards to use. I kid you not, I have dreamed, pinned, and planned my apartment for months no wait, strike that. Years. If you know me at all, you would know that I refuse to have that "first" apartment, full of mismatched furniture. 
Praise God for spray paint! 

I just can't wait to show you how gorgois it is! But before I do, you must see how far its come. I mean. Let's be real. My apartment has come a long way. A long way people. So now here are some pictures of my apartment. Don't let them scare you. I promise. It gets pretty...

bedroom--all my closets
kitchen & bar
living room
living room--take two
move in day. yes. my parents brought this load
all the way from Maryland
all aboard the hot mess express. here you can see my dining table before I got ahold of it.
my desk. before.
end tables. yellow before. white after.
guys. this stuff is amazing. pretty sure I went through like 23 cans of it.
see. told you. 

Twenty three cans of spray paint later, everything is white. And I mean everything. My hands, my legs, my feet, the furniture, and uh half my apartment. But hey, at least it all looks pretty. But that's all you get to see for now. I'm working super hard to finish my last finishing touches for a big reveal sometime hopefully by next week. 

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