My apartment is my own little preppy heaven. This is the first of many posts of my home tour. This is what my apartment looked like just a few weeks after I moved in. To see further updated posts, click on the Home Decor Tab!

my desk <3
living room & office entry way
living room pano
every girl needs a bar cart. i really need to add some wine.
this was a $5 thrift store find by my mama. she's good at that stuff.
*my gorgois kitchen
it's simply perfect

every girl needs coffee & a mason jar full of wine corks
apparently i really like carbs
dine with me
won't you?
*hand painted 
every bathroom needs kate spade & roses
my haven 
thrift store night stands are gorg
i loves my bed
fluffy rug 
Michael Kors. Lilly Pulitzer. Kate Spade. 

And there it is. My new home. 


  1. Love it, Kristen! Can't wait to come over and see! :) It's so you!

  2. Super adorable! I love all the details and how neat and tidy everything is :)


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