My hair is something that I love to look perfect, but I hate the maintenance it takes throughout the week. God forbid I have to wash it more than twice a week. The washing, the toning, the blow drying, and the styling--easily takes hours! Over the past few months I have been experimenting with different products to maintain my color (ash blonde balayage), my style, absorb oils throughout the week, and to keep it looking volumised. Here are some of my favs. 

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This shampoo and this one have been amazing with helping keep my color. If I don't use a toning shampoo, my hair turns brassy--the complete opposite of what I want. I use this every time I wash my hair (about twice a week) and leave it in for anywhere between one to seven minutes, depending on how toned I want it to be. This is the perfect product to use in between salon visits. When I do go to the salon, the toner is less harsh on my hair, because my color has been maintained for the few months in between visits. 

I style my hair usually everyday for work and my curling iron definitely gets the best of my hair. I discovered this protection spray to use before styling! It's perfect. All you do is spray it on your damp hair before blow drying and styling, and it helps to protect blonde hair--which has a tendency to break more often.  It helps to fight breakage and split-ends. Anything to protect my hair and keep it the perfect ash color, I'm in! 

I'm pretty sure the angels sing every time I use this product. My hair is super thin, basically lifeless, and Detox add just the right amount of volume to my hair. It's perfect to use every morning to just bring back the volume and make it smell delish! If you're anything like me, dry shampoo takes your iffy third, fourth, sometimes fifth day hair from drab to fab in just seconds. I love Detox the most out of any dry shampoo that I've used because it doesn't leave a white residue in my hair and it doesn't make it feel too thick and greasy. Lilly agrees and thinks you should try it too! 

Who doesn't love a product that keeps your hair in place, gives it a healthy shine, and protects it from the sun?! I hate hair sprays that make my hair feel crunchy, and this one doesn't at all! I use to mainly for the front of my hair where I have face framing layers, and it keeps them in place all day! Chris (my boyfriend) even uses a couple sprays to keep his hair style perfect throughout his work day. 

What are some of your favorite summer hair products? Do you use any of these that I mentioned? Let's chat! 

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