Everyday, clients come into my store and ask me, how do you get your skin so clear? Or how do you get such flawless skin? My answer is always the same, it's through a smile, saying, "It's the Minerals". Bare Minerals has the most amazing skincare line (I'm not just saying that because I work there, I genuinely love the products!) and starting with a great skincare routine before applying foundation and everything else from there, is definitely the key to flawless summer skin. Today I'll go through my favorite skincare items and then my makeup essentials. 

Skincare Essentials

I know I've talked about all of these skincare items before in a previous post here so I'll just touch on them each quickly.

Oil Obsessed is the best oil cleanser out there. When I say oil, don't think greasy. Think silky and hydrating. It's made with cucumber, sunflower, and borage oils, so it not only takes off your makeup quickly, it smells good too! Once I've taken my makeup off, I will use Pure Plush as a gentle exfoliant. It exfoliates gently using mineral rich sea salts, so there are no harsh grains or beads. It leaves your skin squeaky clean--which I love! 

Think of all of the serums you have on your vanity or bathroom counter. One for fine lines and wrinkles. One for dark marks and scars. Another for luminosity and texture correction. An eye cream. It could go on forever. But, what if I could tell you that Skinlongevity could do all of that?! Only have one serum to apply, morning and night, is so much easier to remember than all of those other guys out there. This is kind of a one and done serum, and it's proving itself to be a top skincare item according to Cosmopolitan Magazine (and my clients, too!) since its launch in December 2015. 

This is my favorite day time moisturizer. I have super dry skin, so I always need to apply some sort of moisturizer before my foundations in order to prevent it from sticking to any dry areas, creating an uneven complexion. It is super light-weight, and is perfect for normal to dry skin types. It never feels heavy under layers of makeup, and you can definitely feel a difference in the hydration of your skin in just a couple uses! 

Hello night cream. Like I said, I'm super dry, so, I use a heavier moisturizer at night time. Butter Drench has a thicker consistency because it has shea butter in it. It has all of the same natural and healthy ingredients, but it's a step up in the hydration scale. It's perfect for dry to very dry skin types. You could totally wear this under your foundation just as you can with Bare Haven, I just like to save this one for at night when my skin is rejuvenating itself the most. 

Makeup Essentials

Primer of some sort is super important in order to keep your makeup on--especially during the summer. It helps with oil control and it helps to reduce the appearance of your pores. That's my favorite benefit. I have super noticeable pores on my nose, and by just adding a pea sized drop of PrimeTime to my face, it takes them away and smooths it all over. 
There is no SPF benefit to PrimeTime (unless you this tinted BB Primer) so, you could use Prep Step. It's a new mineral sunscreen. The technology behind it is pretty awesome. It comes out super bright white, and as you blend it, it almost turns iridescent, and then matches right to your skin. It smooths out your skin and evens out the appearance, just ever so slightly. Prep Step has 50 SPF and is perfect for anyone--especially on a beach day! I know I will be bringing it along with me when Chris and I go on vacation in August! 

If I were ever to be stranded on an island somewhere, this is one of my five items I would want to have with me. It has 30 SPF and is a tinted moisturizer, BB, and CC Cream all in one. An added bonus I like to add: it's acts like a primer, too! I never go a day without this product. It's such a lightweight formula that blends perfectly into my skin, and helps to add extra coverage to the areas where my rosacea is the brightest. 

Concealer is always a necessity. I use the Bare Skin concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes for added coverage. The entire Bare Skin line has Vitamin C, so it will naturally help brighten your skin. It's really great for sunspots and acne scars, because it will help to lighten them! 

All. Time. Favorite. Product. It's a bareMinerals classic, so nothing will ever compare. I have been wearing this foundation every day since my freshman year of college, and that was over five years ago! You can wear it by itself and build a sheer to full coverage, or you could layer it with a liquid foundation like I do. 

Invisible Light
For those of us constantly on the go or those who travel a lot, this is totally perfect. It's a duo with a mattifying pressed mineral and a highlighting mineral. Simply sweep your t-zone with the mattifying powder first. Then you can add the highlighter on your cheekbones and down the center of your face for a little summer glow.

Give me all the bronzer. Depending on if you like a mineral or a liquid. You could use either of these to achieve a perfect contour or sunkissed glow. High Dive gives a more defined contour when applied and Sheer Sun is basically liquid sunshine. Fun tip: you could put a few drops of Sheer Sun in your brush at the same time as your liquid foundation, and create a little foundation cocktail! 

Eye Primer

I use the color Barely Nude for almost every eye look. Since it's a 5-in-1, it works amazing on it's own for a simple neutral eye look (with 15 SPF, too!) or you can use it as an eyeshadow primer, like I do!


Apply this color all in your crease and along your outer corner for a sunkissed glow. If you don't have a good blender brush, I'll link my fav down below.

Bare Skin
Place this color generously on your lid. The detail shader brush that I have in the pic is amazing. It's shaped right to your eye to give you the perfect application.

Queen Phyllis is my all time favorite eyeshadow because of it's bright pigment. Apply this to your inner corner & under your brow as a highlight. You can use the same detail shader brush, just keep the shadow on the very tip so you don't have a lot of product on the brush.

Mascara & Eyeliner

Apply one or two coats of mascara. I'm a lash queen, so I apply several coats for a more dramatic eye look.

The new liquid liner with a felt tip point makes application a breeze. Simply glide it across your lash line and stop at the end of your lashes, or continue on, creating a wing. It's all up to you!


This part is optional of course, but I've been obsessed with these lashes lately. I've worn them for like three weeks straight now! They hold up super well, so you can wear each pair for several uses! They're still super natural so it doesn't look like you are wearing falsies, but they give you a just a little something extra. 

Quick tip: Apply the lash glue to your falsies first, apply your mascara, and by the time you are finished with that, your lash glue will be tacky enough for a simple falsie application!


And there we have it! Those are all of my summer beauty essentials. Remember, makeup is supposed to be fun! If you mess up, you can take it off and try again. Hopefully soon I'll be able to film a makeup tutorial for you all. But, until then, if you have any application questions, or makeup questions in general, leave them in the comments, and I'll see what I can do! 

Stay classy, fashionistas!



  1. I have lots of problems with my skin, so I will definitely be looking into these products!

  2. You have such beautiful skin!! It really looks flawless. I have never tried bare minerals products. I don't know why but now I really want to!! Thanks so much for sharing.


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