Your office, whether at home or at work, doesn't have to be boring, and it shouldn't! It's a place to be creative, follow & pursue your dreams, and get ish done! Here are a few easy ways to update your office space from drab to fab! I will also link everything below for you for easy shopping.

Let's start with the obvious ones every desk needs, and then we can begin to accessorize! 

I'm pretty sure I got these gold pencils at Target, but here are some that you can customize. So cute! My pens were part of my anniversary gift from Chris, and are from Lilly Pulitzer. They're pretty and functional!

I've had three Lilly agendas and I absolutely love them. They have some much space for writing schedules, to do lists, and any notes. Bonus: They have stickers! Hi. I'm five, and I like to decorate my agenda with stickers still. I have no shame. But hey, they're stickers like, "mani/pedi", "girl's night", and "weekend getaway". See, I'm kind of an adult. 

These Nate Berkus office necessities will make any space stylish. I'm obsessed with everything gold, (as if you didn't already know) so when I saw these at Target, I had to have them.

Pretty Office Supplies 

Everyone knows you need paper clips, push pins, and binder clips, so why not make those white and gold too?! Target does it again and of course had irresistible office supplies. I have a weakness, an issue... and obsession?

I live off of sticky notes. If I don't write it down, chances are, I'm going to forget it five minutes later. At home, Chris helped me jazz mine up by getting me Lilly ones! I love this set because it has different sizes for writing notes, marking pages in magazines, and some to help keep my agenda organized.

Coffee Mug 

COFFEE. We live off of coffee, do we not?! I don't have a link for this one because it was a gift from my bestie, Summer but, I have seen ones similar at Marshalls, Home Goods, and Target too! There are cute mugs everywhere, and you can find one that perfectly suits you.

Gold Foil Artwork 

If I were to link even half of my gold foil art, this blog would be a mile long. My best piece of advice to find any: Marshalls. Home Goods. Target. Etsy. The possibilities are endless. Every time I go I feel like I find another frame that I must add to my collection.

Marble Clock 

What better way to tell time than with an item that has like every home decor trend mixed together. White. Gold. Marble. It's actual perfection. I mean, it couldn't get any more perfect than this.

Flowers & Candle

I love fresh flowers. I can't have them out too much since I have my Lilly around, but they are probably one of my favorite things. Now that it's fall, the best season ever, it's definitely a priority to have a fall scent filling your office. Some of my favorites are Banana Nut Bread and Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake from Bath & Body Works. Marshalls & Home Goods have so many options, for cheap too!

Big Comfy Chair & Faux Fur Rug

I'm head over heels for my office chair. It was definitely one of my favorite finds from Marshalls. It has a herringbone pattern, it's gray and white, tufted, and comfy! It just adds something extra to my space. My faux fur rug is one of a million in my apartment. There's one in my office, in my makeup room, on my bench in the living room. I have problems. But the first step is admitting that. I'm making progress. Anyways, it's one of Lilly's favorite places to lay. It's soft and cozy, so it's just too cute when she's purring under my chair, and then falls asleep while I'm blogging.

And there ya have it! Everything you need to have a fab office space starts with these items. If you didn't catch on, most everything in this post can be purchased at Target or Marshalls/Home Goods. The links of course are there for you, just click on the item title and you can shop away! I would love to see your office spaces. If you have a post about it, feel free to link it below so I can check it out! Happy decorating!

Stay Classy.


  1. Your office nook is so cute! I love the white organizer and all the gold accessories! I have the gold scissors and paper clips and they add such a nice touch :)

  2. Ahhh this is all so cute!!! Love anything with elephants and loving this gold trend!

    Rachel | www.theconfusedmillennial.com

  3. Your office will always be so classy and fun! Love all of the gold and adorable accessories!

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