Nov 1, 2016

Can I be honest? I totally failed at my October goals. For some reason, October seemed more overwhelming at work than ever. It turned Christmas the first week, so I blame it on pregaming Christmas far too early. So, here it goes again. This month I'm actually going to do this thing. If you read my October Goals post, my blogging goals are going to be exactly the same since I didn't accomplish a single one. But, I excitingly made progress on some of my personal goals!

October Recap 

Slow down and breathe>>> I slept in on my days off and got my hair & nails done for a "me" day. It was the perfect way for me to relax and forget about the crazy life I lead. Lilly helps me with this too. My cutie snuggle bug.

Hang with Friends>>> Totally did this! Summer & I hung out countless times and our squad hung out quite a bit. Between late night dinner runs, movie watching, and my birthday party, I'd say I did pretty alright with this goal.

Blogging Goals 

Reach 1000 followers on Instagram>>>

I have been stuck at around seven hundred followers for months. I am so ready to move past that and hit the one thousand mark. In October I gained a whole 10 followers. I know I can do better. If I don't hit 1000 in November, I at least want to see significantly more growth than just 10. Once I hit 1000 followers, I really want to host or be a part of an Instagram giveaway!

Post on Instagram at least three times a week>>>

After reading some articles on interaction and gaining genuine followers, the more you post, the more followers and interaction you will get. Some of my favorite bloggers post daily, even sometimes twice daily and I always look forward to their posts. This is something I really need to work on. I can go weeks without posting, because honestly I forget. 

Post three times a week on the blog>>>

I am such a slacker. I need to be more self-motivated to post more often in order to increase engagement on the blog. I noticed the more I post, the more consistency I see in my viewers. I want to get in the habit of posting a beauty, fashion, and decor post each once a week, and then throw in the occasional lifestyle post as well.

Personal Goals 

Continue to maintain a healthy sleep cycle>>>

In October, I started to take OLLY SLEEP gummies. They are amazing! I am so glad that I discovered them. I take them about thirty minutes before bed, which is usually around 11:30pm. Lately, I've been able to settle down and fall asleep by 10pm! It's a miracle. I have never gotten so much sleep in my life! If you struggle with falling asleep within a normal time, check them out. They definitely won't disappoint.

Pay off the remainder of my credit card debt>>>

I am SO close to paying it all off, and then boom, I buy something else. But nope! Not this month. I am determined to get rid of it all so that I can focus next on paying off my student loans. Can I get an amen? I'm going to need a miracle straight from God to get rid of those bad boys in a timely manner. I'll start with the credit card debt first and see how that goes.

Make a yummy, edible dinner>>>

I had to include those keywords, yummy & edible for a reason you guys. I am seriously one of the worst cooks ever. Somehow I burnt chili in the crockpot the other day. Don't ask me how because we still have no idea how I messed that one up. Usually Chris makes dinner every night unless I'm working late. Those are leftover/fend for yourself/I'm eating cereal kind of nights. I have no idea what I want to attempt to make, but fingers crossed neither of us die from whatever I decide to make!

What are some of your goals for November? Any must-have recipes I should try? Feel free to leave your goals post link so I can read yours as well!

Stay Classy.


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