Dec 29, 2016

This Christmas season went by SO fast this year, am I right?! At first, it didn't even feel like Christmas, and all of a sudden, it was over. This Christmas season was a bit stressful for me since I work retail. But, as soon as I clocked out on Christmas Eve, it was time for the festivities!

On Christmas Eve, I spent time with Chris's family. We went to Christmas Eve service at his parent's church, and then headed back to their house for a little mini party and to open some presents. Chris, his brothers, and us three girlfriends did a fun secret santa gift exchange. We opened those gifts and watched little Anna, Chris's niece open up all of her gifts! 

On Christmas morning, of course Santa had come, so we had more presents to open! This year I had asked for a fancy massage, and boy do I need one bad! So, that's exactly what I got. I was so thrilled. I cannot wait to schedule it. It's even better, because it's a couple's massage! Yay for some quality time!

After we finished opening gifts, we ate some breakfast and packed up the car. It was time to head south to my grandparent's and parent's houses! We made a quick pit stop at my grandparent's and then we headed to my parent's for Christmas with my siblings and nephews! I cherish those few hours I get to spend with family. The time flies by so fast. I blink, and it's time to go.

This season was quick, but it was a good one. I am forever thankful for all that I received this year, but my favorite part was seeing the looks on people's faces when they opened gifts that I gave. Christmas is a time of giving. A time to celebrate. A time to love, and a time to be thankful for our Savior.

How was your Christmas season? What are some of the best gifts that you received, or better yet, that you gave? 


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