Dec 15, 2016

Though I no longer work in retail, this post (originally posted in 2016) is still very near and dear to my heart. When you're out shopping this Holiday Season, make it your goal to put a smile on a retail worker's face before you leave. It'll mean more than you know.

This is my team. No, I take that back, this is my bareMinerals family. These girls are some of my best friends and I couldn't imagine my store without them. This holiday season has been a fun one for us all, but we have just a few tiny bits of advice for you. Here are some simple reminders for you as you shop this holiday season. These are all said with love, but they are things that all retail workers want you to know.

While you're out shopping for or with your family on Holidays for the best sales, we are pulled away from ours

I was so grateful that my company decided to close on Thanksgiving. It was the first time in years that I was actually able to spend time with family.  Christmas Eve I will be in the store all day when I should be singing at my church's Christmas Eve services and spending time with family. But alas, people are procrastinators and need just one more day to shop. So if you are a Christmas Eve shopper, be extra kind. I miss my family, okay?

We don't make the rules

If we tell you that you can't return something from 2014, or even 90 days ago, that's the policy. We're not going to lose our jobs over your $20 mistake two years ago. If we say you can't combine four different coupons, two of which are expired anyways, just listen. It's our job to know promotions and trust me, we want you happy and knowing you got an amazing deal. But, we aren't going to lose our job over the fact that you think you deserve an extra 10% off of an already 20% discounted item. Nope. Not happening.

We're exhausted

Mall hours change. Instead of being open until normal hours, we open a good two to three hours earlier, and close two hours later. There are some days that we close the store at 11:30PM and have to be back at work by 7AM. By the time we get home, and have to be back, bright eyed and bushy tailed, we have a good four hours of sleep. You know that quote in Elf, "Sleep? I got a whole forty minutes!" Yeah, that's us right now. Don't mind us if we can't form full sentences anymore and we're slightly delusional.

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There's no such thing as a magic workshop in our backroom creating sold out product for you

Once it's sold out, it's sold out. Are we getting shipment soon? Maybe, but we don't know until a few days before we get it. We can totally call another store for you, but please, don't be mad at us if it's gone. 

Please for the love of all things Christmas, don't let me hear you say, "Let me speak to your manager." 

Chances are, you're talking to the manager anyways, or the manager is going to tell you the same exact thing an associate just told you. I don't know how many times a client has screamed at one of my associates and I tell them the same exact thing and all of a sudden it makes so much sense because I was the one to say it. Don't be that guy. 

We don't decide what gets discontinued

Oh my goodness. I can't even tell you how many times I've had clients scream at me saying, "Why did YOU discontinue this product?! It was my favorite." First off, do you really think I have control over what product the company makes? No. So please be kind when we say it's discontinued. Chances are, we are just as upset as you are. Want to complain? Write to corporate. They're the ones who can actually bring it back.

Don't ignore us. We genuinely want to help you.

"Hi, How are you? Is there anything I can help you find?" No response. Walks closer as client is wandering the store clueless. "Do you know the promotions for today?" "I'm just looking." Okay, well that's not what I asked you, and you're in my store, and I'm doing my job. Well, trying to at least. Don't ignore us. Don't talk down to us. We are humans, too. We care. We want to help. 

Please don't walk in and out of the store

Husbands, if you are uninterested in what your wives are buying, sit down on a chair, go to another store, something. When you walk in and out of the store a million times, you are making my job a living nightmare. It's a business. We have metric standards. You are literally being counted forty times instead of once. When you walk in and out for no reason, or you are pacing back and forth while on your cell phone, you're actually hurting the store. I wish more people knew about this, but now you do, so please don't do it or you may accidentally on purpose get my death glare.

That felt so good to get off my chest. Basically, be kind. After all, it is the holidays.
Happy shopping and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. 



  1. The one about the back room really got me. People have no idea how many times I walk in the back and stand there for a good 2 minutes before returning to tell them what I already knew, that we don't have what they're looking for. But me going back just gave them some peace of mind. Love all these :) Good luck at work this season, and I hope you DO find some time to spend with family! :)

    1. haha!! oh my gosh yes! Until you work in retail, some people just don't get it! Have a great Christmas!! : )

  2. Yes!! So glad you shared this! I haven't worked in retail before, but I can only imagine the things you go through! I really hope people choose to be kind during this crunch time (and all of the time!)

    1. I think you hearing my horror stories has scared you enough to stay out of retail ; ) haha!! Fingers crossed for kindness the last few weeks!

  3. When I worked retail, I absolutely dreaded the holidays. I wish people understood that complaining to a sales associate does little to no good. Being nice is so important! I hope that you're able to enjoy the holiday season :)

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

    1. I survived the Holiday season! It is over and I can breathe again! Phew! Hope you had a great Christmas! xx, Kristen