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Monday, January 9, 2017

I absolutely love getting to know others, so I thought maybe you'd want to know a little bit about me! Here are some fun facts that you probably don't know.

I can't cook
It's not that I can't cook, it's just that I burn everything and it just doesn't taste good. Okay. Yeah, I can't cook. Chris doesn't even trust me to cook anything besides a frozen veggie pizza. Maybe I'll learn one day, but probably not.

I sing on my church's worship team
Every Sunday that I am not working, I am singing on my worship team at church. It's my absolute favorite part of my week. Plus, I love my church family. My first solo was when I was three years old in a church's Christmas play. I was a little sheep!

My favorite animal is an elephant...after my Lilly, of course
I just love them so much. I don't know why. I just think they are the coolest animals ever. They're super cute and they are a sign of strength.They are a sign of wisdom and honor. Elephants are amazing.

I hiked a volcano in Guatemala
Yup. You read that right. I looked down into the face of lava. For a whole .0002 seconds before my face felt like it was going to melt off. But, I did! I was pretty awesome. I also found out that like a year later, the same volcano erupted. Super crazy! But yeah, that happened.

Despite my last name, I'm more Italian than Puerto Rican
I'm only really like an eighth Puerto Rican or something like that. Usually people say, "Oh, you're Puerto Rican?! Do you speak Spanish?" And I'm like, yeah, Hola. K that's all. I can get by if I needed to. Like, where's the bathroom, and go buy me another drink, but other than that, I've got nothin! I've always wanted to be fluent, but, it's okay. I've got the last name for now at least. As for the Italian side, I'm loud and passionate. But, I'd say, Puerto Rican/Italian aka Italrican is where it's at. Besides, it's nice to visit Puerto Rico with a last name like Rodriguez.

I didn't go to Prom
I had a dress and everything, but, I never went to prom. Plus, the dude that was supposed to take me ended up taking someone else anyways. That says it all. I didn't really have friends my age in High School, and those that were my age, were at different schools, so I never ended up going. Small town church girl probs.

Chris and I are both ENFJ's
Yeah, scary right? I've never really heard of other couples that are the same personality type. But, for us, I guess it works. We both understand how the other works, so there is a balance. I think for me, since an ENFJ personality is so overbearing, it is hard to explain why I am the way I am to others. But, Chris, he gets me. It's pretty cool.

I used to ride horses when I was little
When I was little, I had two horses and I would ride several times a week. I had a pure-bred Egyptian Arabian--man was she gorgeous--and a quarter horse! He was so beautiful. I loved my horses. They've both since passed, but I loved riding. I rode English and I would jump red brick walls. One day, I know I want to ride again. The pic below is of me and my horse Midnight Star from 2005!

I HATE feet and ears
Is that weird? I don't even care. They gross me out. So much so that I won't get a pedicure and my ears are always covered. Even if I am wearing my hair in a bun, I pull some hair down over them. The whole hating feet thing might be normal, but ears, it must just be family thing. They're just weird to me.

I recently became a vegetarian
I'm not a fad vegetarian, I swear. I did it honestly for my health. Every time that I would eat meat, I just wouldn't feel well. It's been almost three months since I've eaten meat, and I've never felt better. I don't even miss it. So, if you have any delish vegetarian meals, let me know!

What's something that I don't know about you?


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