There's just something about the 90's that brings a smile to my face. Whether it's the fact that I had no responsibilities in life during the 90's, or maybe it's that my biggest problem was my Lisa Frank coloring book was full. Or maybe it's that I spent most of my time playing NES. Ah now that is just absolute heaven to think about. I would always sit in my downstairs playroom on my purple blow up chair complete with the ottoman, and play Mario for hours. Yep, I was the coolest kid in town. You know you're jealous, too. I would even call all the cute boys in my class from my barbie headset phone or message my friends on AIM. I can hear the dial up in my head. Oh that sweet, sweet sound.

All of this reminiscing makes my heart so happy. If there's one thing about the 90's that frightens me is 90's fashion. No, wait. It was my lack of fashion that was frightening. I mean, who let me out of the house like this?! MOM!? It's not that terrible of an outfit here, but some of them were scary. This pic just proves that I've been sassy all my life. Sometimes, I think my blog name should be A Sassy Fashionista instead! haha!

When Alexis from A Blissful Haven had the idea for a 90's inspired fashion shoot, Summer from Coffee with Summer and I were so excited! Not only is it fun to think back at the good 'ol days, it gives me a chance to redeem myself for all of my years of failed fashion!

It was such a fun collab, scrunchie and all! Also, does anyone remember doing their hair like this, cause it's coming back!! I like to think I'm rockin' these mom jeans, too. What were some of your favorite 90's necessities?


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