I'm talking all about my goals for 2017. I am so excited to kick some butt this year. Here's to a year of opportunities, success, and tons and tons of adventures!

Go on a tropical vacation
Oh boy do I need a vacation. After this holiday season, one is much deserved. I really want to go on a cruise or mini vacay with friends, so I hope that happens sometime this year! All I know is I want warmth, sun, and endless piña coladas. 

Move into a house
I am so tired of renting an apartment. I just want to either rent a house and get space for the amount that I am paying, or buy a house completely. I wouldn't even mind a fixer upper. I mean, Chris and I could be like Chip and Joanna, right?!  

Score sponsored posts
I already have my first sponsored post scheduled the beginning of this year, but I would love to have more. What blogger doesn't!? Every blogger I know is working towards being a full-time blogger. #goals

Hit 10,000 followers on Instagram
Currently I am right under 1,000 followers on Instagram, but in 2017, I want to really focus on growing an authentic audience. It will take time and dedication, but I am up for the challenge.

Read a new book every month
Honestly, I don't think I've read a book since college, and even then, I skimmed it. I want to get back into reading like I was when I was in high school. After school I was always reading a book. I think college ruined my love for books since I was forced to read them. If you know of any great books, let me know, for sure!

Go on a road trip
I love road trips. I love going on adventures, big or small. It would be so fun to do a long road trip with friends or to visit a new place I've never been before. I don't know where I would go, but adventure is out there!

Get a legit massage at a spa
I need a real massage so bad. Not a "Babe! Can I have massage?!" That lasts like 5 minutes. One with hot stones. In a spa. That lasts like an hour. Absolute heaven. It helps that I got a gift card for Christmas, so I cannot wait to cash this in!

What's on your bucket list for 2017?! Tell me what I missed!
I can't wait for the adventures that 2017 is going to bring.

Stay Classy.

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  1. Hey there Love what you're doing here and love your 'bucket list for 2017. Thought I'd mention we share the same hashtag #MyBucketListChallenge2017 Thought that was so cool and just wanted to reach out and say 'Hi" Cheers! Mark


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