March + April Recap

Personal Goals 

ONE // Finish planning my wedding

My wedding day was a dream. 
If you haven't seen any of my wedding blog posts, I'll link them for you here >>> Part One & Part Two

TWO // Relax & enjoy pre-wedding

I relaxed as much as you can before your wedding aka not really at all, but I enjoyed every moment leading up to our big day. In fact, I'm kind of sad that it's all over. It went by so fast.

THREE // Purge my apartment

A million times check! Chris and I went crazy cleaning out our closets, the storage unit, and every cabinet imaginable. Now it's time for some organization!

Blogging Goals

ONE // Score another sponsored post

TWO // Post a blog post twice a week 

THREE // Hit 1500 genuine followers on Instagram

I'm just going to be real with you. March and April were not my best blogging months. I mean, let's be honest, I was a little sidetracked. But, I am trying to get better...I swear. So, with all that said, I did not score another sponsored post--everyone just wants you to write for free, I'm not about that. I epically failed at writing two posts per week--again, wedding craziness. As for Instagram, I REALLY tried, and I mean I really did try to gain followers, but it seems that all I ever do anymore is lose them thanks to Instagram's craziness and all the follow/unfollow crap. I'm getting SO sick and tired of it. I'd rather you not follow me at all, because trust me, I'm not following you just for you to unfollow me an hour later. #communityovercompetition people!

May + June Goals 

Personal Goals 

ONE // Host a dinner party

Now that Chris and I are almost done redecorating our apartment after we got married, we are so ready to have a dinner party. We are obsessed with our new dining table and we finally have a lot more seating for our friends when they come over! Don't worry, I will be doing a home decor update post as soon as all of our decor comes in and we get everything how we want it!

TWO // Get rid of all clothing/items listed on Poshmark

I have been selling my clothes on Poshmark since the beginning of the year and it has been amazing so far. But, I have about 200 listings that haven't sold. Some I have just added this past week and others have been on there since I started my Posh closet. The good news is I am determined to get rid of everything by the end of June. I just want it all gone. I have a ton of crazy bundle deals going on now too. So, if you like gently used designer & super cute clothing, be sure to check out my Posh closet >>> click here!

THREE // Save $$ and pay off some student loan debt

Now that our wedding has come and gone, we are really focused on saving money for our first home (we hope to buy next summer!) and pay off some of our student loan debt. We don't have as much as what we could have, but it's definitely enough. I have no desire to be paying off my loans until I'm 30. That is far too much interest. No thank you. The more we get paid off on it now, the less we pay on it in the long run.

Blogging Goals 

ONE // 1500 followers on Instagram

Since last month I ended up losing like 100 followers due to follow/unfollow instead of gaining followers, I am really hoping to gain genuine followers this month. Once I hit either 1500 or 2000, I am going to do an awesome giveaway to celebrate my amazing Insta family. Though it shouldn't matter how many followers I have and it should totally be based off of the influence, the reality is that campaign companies don't allow me to participate in most things because of how little of a following I have. It's a bummer because I know that I can be great at these campaigns if I were to just be given a chance. With that, I'd love to have you as part of my Instagram family. Follow along with me >>> click here!

TWO // 200 likes on my ACF Facebook page

This kind of goes along with my last point--it totally shouldn't be about numbers, but we all know that it all comes down to how many I have when being chosen for campaigns. So, I am hoping to build my Facebook influence as well! You can like my ACF >>> here!

THREE // Two blog posts per week

I am determined to blog more this month. Even without blogging a whole lot last month, I had huge spikes in numbers--I could only imagine what my traffic could have looked like if I had actually blogged more! I have already planned out my dream content for the next two months so I am ready. Now it's time to get writing!

What are some of your goals for the next month or so? It can be about anything! Finances, a job, your hobby!? I would love to know! Also, what are you interested in seeing on the blog?

Stay Classy. 



  1. These are awesome goals! I'm so excited to see more of your wedding photos! You have such a good eye for style and decor! We're hoping to buy a house sometime next year/by next summer as well! Here's to praying we both find homes we love when that time comes!

    1. Aw thanks Ro! <3 Hopefully soon I'll have more wedding pics to post! And yay--we will be in the house buying market together next year--we can endure the process together lol!


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