May 17, 2017

Finally! Warmer weather has finally made its debut and I couldn't be happier! The only downside to springtime is all the rain. But, now that the warmer weather is here, it's time to break out the spring wardrobe and put away all the bulky sweaters & boots. I am obsessed with off the shoulder tops and the bright colors that are making their way to my closet this season. Here are a few of my favorites for this spring!

Statement Jewelry 

No outfit is complete without statement jewelry. I may or may not have gone a little overboard for this section, but that's okay. All of these pieces are GORG!

A necklace just brings together a simple outfit and takes it to the next level. Personally, I love statement necklaces. They're just too perfect for the springtime.

As for the monogram necklace, I have never ordered from the site linked below before, but my fav blogger in the entire world, Emily Gemma from The Sweetest Thing, recommended this site, so this is where I'm going to order my new monogram necklace from! The one in the pic above is one that I picked up at C. Wonder before they closed their storefronts. Now it's time I get my full and new monogram. :)

I love myself a little arm candy as well. I hardly ever go a day without wearing a watch and an arm party. I feel naked if I do! Of course you can just wear a bracelet or two without a watch, but I hate being late, so my watch keeps me sane. haha!

Last but not least for jewelry, tassel earrings. I am obsessed with anything fun. I just bought the ones I have on in the pics as well as simple, thin gold hoops. I was wearing just pearl studs for a while, but I needed to change it up a bit!

Statement Necklaces (here & here)
 Monogram Necklace
Watch (similar)
Bracelets (here & here)
Tassel Earrings

A Pretty Dress

Dresses are so super easy in the springtime. They're cute and comfy! What could be better than that?! The dress I have linked is one that is on my purchase list--I saw this on Instagram and I just have to have it! It's on backorder because it is so super popular--hurry up June!

Liquid Lipstick

I talked about this Urban Decay matte liquid lip in my Bridal Makeup Essentials post and I SO need to get more colors! I have on the color Trivial with a nude lip liner. I love that once it's on, it is on for the day! I never have to touch it up, even after I eat!

Cute Sandals (affiliate)

I love these sandals from Jack Rogers and they are super comfy too. Cute and comfy--what a fashion goals duo! I got these in a blush pink last year, but I linked similar ones for you. They have a lot of neutral colors, which make them perfect for any outfit.

White Jeans & Ripped Denim

Everyone needs a good pair of white jeans! The ones I have linked are very similar to the ones I'm wearing. The bebe by me in KOP is closing, so I got them on a super sale in store and they don't have the same style online anymore. If you're not a fan of super distressed jeans like I am, I also have these from American Eagle and they are classic denim jeggings. They are so comfy and I like that they are not too thin. Nobody likes seethrough white jeans. White jeans are a spring staple--they pretty much go with everything.

Also, ripped denim is life. Is it weird that I feel prettier in ripped denim?! I know. I'm crazy, but ripped denim totally transforms an outfit. I linked a pair of jeans I found at Kohls, miraculously, and they are super comfortable and very easy on the budget as well! I seriously wear them all the time.

Gosh. I cannot get over these tops. I was obsessed with them last year and I am even more so this year! I have seen every blogger wearing them and I've been wearing mine every chance I get. They're just such a sweet and sassy fashion statement. I don't have a link to the exact top since I found this at Tj Maxx, but I linked a similar one for you!

Spring Tote Crossbody

A good spring tote & a crossbody are must haves, for sure! I love having an oversized tote to stuff full of my goodies, whether I am headed to Starbucks with my laptop or I have a little extra to bring with me that day. A crossbody is perfect for those days when I'm headed out grocery shopping or running errands and I don't want to carry a whole lot with me. The one linked is the perfect size for a full-size wallet, phone, and more! The shape allows you to bring what you need without sacrificing necessary items.

A Fresh Mani & Pedi

It's time for bright pink manis and pedis! Every spring and summer, my nails are forever pink. This year I might even try a white mani again. I feel an outfit is never complete without a fresh mani/pedi. And hey, don't feel you have to get them done in a salon--you can totally do them at home! I usually do my own pedi's and get my nails done monthly with gel.
*My nails are french in this pic only 'cause they're my wedding nails--they're pink now, but I just really liked this pic ;) 

Bath & Body Works Candles

I threw in B&BW candles just for fun. Chris and I always have candles burning in the apartment and right now we only have ones leftover from fall/winter, so I think it's time we make a trip and pick up a couple of candles! Plus, they make me feel extra fancy, too!

What are some of your favs this season?

Stay Classy.



  1. I love this look and these tips!! I feel rose gold looks great in just about every season and I love that the off-the-shoulder tops/cold-shoulder tops are coming back! They're so comfortable and look so flattering on everyone!

    1. YAS! Off the shoulder tops are literally my life right now. I've worn a different style of them for 3 days in a row! lol! And I love rose gold!--My hubby did a rose gold band for his wedding ring.

  2. I need to get more jewelry in general - I always feel like I can never pull anything off. I may need your help in that department! I agree with ripped denim, as it makes me feel prettier! YES to candles! I've been eyeing up their watermelon candle and can't wait to grab one!

    1. Let's go jewelry shopping!! haha! And bath and body works was having a sale last weekend--maybe it's still going on!