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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Who doesn't love a little extra cash every month? Whether you are saving up for a vacation, your wedding, or you just want to pay off those pesky student loans, side hustles are the way to go. Over the past few months, I've experimented with some side hustles to make a little extra cash until my blog is making a full-time income and these have been working so well for me! 

One // Babysit Two Nights or Pet Sit One Weekend per Month

Babysitting or Pet Sitting is such an easy way to earn a little extra cash. If you don't have families that you can babysit for right away, sign up for an account on, and you can apply for positions so quick and easy. That's how I found my first live-in nanny gig. You can even find Pet Sitting gigs here, too!

Monthly Total: $150

Two // Sell your Clothes on Poshmark

I've been selling my clothes on Poshmark since December, and it's brought in so much extra income. Chris even started selling his clothes too, and so far we've made almost $2,000! We put all of that money towards our wedding and it allowed us to splurge where we really wanted to. It's so simple to sell your clothes on Poshmark. All you need to do is download the app, take pictures of all of the clothes you want to sell, list them, and let the money roll in. 

Poshmark makes the shipping process super easy, too. The buyer pays the shipping and then Poshmark will send you the shipping label to your email, you print it out, package your sold items, and take it to your local post office. Poshmark will also track your package in the app so you know when it arrives at its destination.

Tip: Make sure you give your items really detailed descriptions and take 2-3 pictures per item. You'll also want to share your listings to all of the Posh Parties you can! The more you share, the more you'll sell.

Shop my Posh Closet: @a_classy_fash

Monthly Total: $150

Three // Sell your unwanted Decor items

Yard Sale Groups and Marketplace on Facebook are the bomb. Yard Sale Sites are groups you request to be added to, and Marketplace is one that everyone on Facebook is a part of in your area. I'm in a few Yard Sale Groups, but I find I get the most sales from Marketplace. All you have to do is take pics of the items you want to sell, write an awesome description, set your location, and boom, money! Once you have an item listed, people that are interested will begin messaging you and then from there, set up a safe meeting location. I suggest a busy shopping center parking lot or a police station parking lot.

In the past months, I've sold a storage ottoman, our old kitchen/bar cart, DVD stand, and a few other household items! Out with the old decor and in with the new.

Monthly Total: $125

Four // Cash in Credit Card Points

A lot of credit cards have awesome points and rewards systems. I personally have the PNC Points credit card and I love it. Now, I don't go crazy with my credit card, but I do put items such as groceries and gas on it for the points, and then I pay it off that month. With the PNC Points card, they even have monthly deals that get you 5 points per dollar vs 4 or 10% cashback at places like Qdoba, Hulu, and Alex and Ani. With every 5,000 points, you can get $10 cashback. It's free money right into your bank account.

Monthly Total: $25

Five // Open an Online Shop

Are you super creative or love making something? Etsy is the perfect place to open up your new online shop, whether you make baby blankets, handmade jewelry (I used to!), or you design super cute prints, the possibilities to make money are endless. What are you waiting for? Set up shop!

Etsy Shop

Monthly Total: $50

Grand Monthly Total: $500

What are some ways that you make a little extra cash each month?

Stay Classy. 

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