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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

July Goals Revisited 

Personal Goals 

ONE // Take a few riding lessons

I didn't get a chance to take any riding lessons yet, but I did buy new riding boots and I got all of my tack and helmet from my parent's house for my first lesson! My first lesson will most likely be the first week of September or maybe the end of August!

TWO // Cook dinner at least once for my hubby

I totally did this! I think I cooked two whole meals for him. It's a new record! ;)

THREE // Hang out with a friend at least one day a week

Thinking back, I'm pretty sure that I did this one, too! I know for a fact I did three of the four weeks. I just have a horrible memory, so I can't think back that far! lol!

Blogging Goals

ONE // 1,500 followers on Instagram

Woo!! You guys, @aclassyfashionista hit 1,500 finally! I am so excited that my Instagram is finally growing. Now onto my next goal: 2,000!

TWO // Continue to pitch to brands and score sponsored posts

Sure did! I have a few more posts scheduled coming in the next week that I can't wait to share with you! So many fun partnerships headed for the blog, and I am loving working with new brands.

THREE // Update my Pinterest profile

My Pinterest is coming along! It's not perfect by any means, but I am starting to gain a lot of blog traffic from my pins!

August Goals

Personal Goals 

One // Finish redecorating my office/spare room

We've almost finished every room after we got married except for the office/spare room. I just have a few finishing touches and it will be complete. I need my hubby to design one more print, update the bedding, and finish styling/rearranging some of the furniture. I'll be sure to share the finished look with you!

Two // Reorganize my closet & purge some more items

I just recently went through my closet again, but I want to really organize the clothing I have. I find that even after getting rid of 200+ items, I still have no idea what I have. I want to get rid of a few more pieces that I haven't worn at all this year, and continue to sell them on Poshmark.

Blogging Goals

One // Continue to organically grow my Instagram profile

Just like any blogger & influencer, I want to continue to grow my social media properties. Be sure to follow along with me on Instagram!

Two // Utilize Pinterest as a search engine to drive traffic for my blog

Pinterest has now become my favorite thing in the entire world. It has helped grow my blog so much in the past month. A few of my pins have been driving thousands of pageviews each week. One thing that I have learned that is super vital for Pinterest success is to treat it like a search engine. Making your pins easily searchable are a huge game changer.

Three // Update older blog posts 

Since a lot of my pins are getting me blog traffic on older posts, I want to make sure that all of my posts are up to date and are up to my current standards. There are some that have horrible iPhone pictures that can be easily updated.

What are your goals for August? Let me know in the comments. Wish me luck with mine!

Stay Classy. 

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