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HOW is it SEPTEMBER already?! This year is flying before my eyes. As I do every month, here's my goals that I am determined to meet by the end of the month. I am super proud of myself for completing or getting a major head start on all of my goals for August. Hopefully, I can keep that same momentum going this month.

August Goals Revisited

Personal Goals 

One // Finish redecorating my office/spare room

I completely redid my office/spare room this month, and again it is so close to being done! One last touch and it will be ready to share!

Two // Reorganize my closet & purge some more items

Check! This weekend Chris and I are taking the last of the items that never sold on Poshmark to Plato's Closet for one last chance before they are donated.

Blogging Goals

One // Continue to organically grow my Instagram profile

Still forever working on this goal. Follow along with me on Instagram!

Two // Utilize Pinterest as a search engine to drive traffic for my blog

YAS! I actually have started to work on this. One of my most popular pinned posts gained me over 2,500 pageviews in just a few days. PTL!

Three // Update older blog posts 

Man, I was on a roll last month, because I actually did this, too! I went back through and updated the posts that I could. There are still a few posts that I need to go back and update the wording, but unfortunately I can't update the pictures since they were home decor progress pictures. The iPhone pics will have to stay.

Pin Me For Later!

September Goals

Personal Goals 

One // Go on a coffee date with a friend I haven't seen in a while

There are a few friends that come to mind that I haven't made time to see. I work from home and create my own schedule. I have no excuse for not making the time for friends.

Two // Finish purging our home & closets

Over the past few months, I have really been hardcore cleaning and purging my home. Within the next coming weeks, I hope to have all of the closets cleaned and purged. Now that Summer fashions are coming to an end, it's time that I go through and get rid of any Summer piece I didn't wear this past year. If I didn't choose it this past season, chances are I'm not going to next year.

Blogging Goals

One // Score 6 sponsored posts for the month

Right now I already have two scheduled for this month, but I still need to score a few more. Cheers to the never-ending pitch writing as a blogger!

Two // Post more style & beauty posts

You guys, I never realized how hard it is to stay consistent with style and beauty posts. Not only do they take twice as long to write, Chris gets home when it's just about dark so there's no real lighting for pictures. This month, I am going to be more diligent at planning weekend photoshoots, so I can bring more of the content to you that you want and that I want to write about.

What are some of your goals for this month? 
Let me know in the comments. 

Stay Classy.

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Rachel Ritlop said...

Girl yesss! The pitch really is never-ending, but I love this job! Good luck this month!

Lacey Bean said...

My main goals are to continue to blog regularly while starting my daughter in Kindergarten (!!!) and traveling for work. Eek!

Kristin C said...

I have yet to jump in on the pitching game, but I really, really want to. Good for you!

a sheerheart said...

Great! I love seeing what other bloggers goals and challenges are. So relateable and inspiring!

kate said...

Great goals! Congratulations on getting so much done with your blog. Updating old posts can definitely be a big project. I want to tackle some closet purging this weekend. I have a little stack started of clothes that I just didn't wear this summer!

Amanda Frazier said...

Love your idea of getting coffee with an old friend. I feel like I have lost touch with some favorite people too. Good luck in your goals!

Summer @ Coffee With Summer said...

Welcome to the wonderful/terrible world of working from home haha such a struggle, even though the flexibility is nice! You're going to rock your goals.

Felicia Renee said...

I still haven't made goals for the month, but I may take your goal from last month of updating old posts! I'm so bad with this and I need to check old links! But great goals - reading other people's goals inspires me!

Monica Delmonico said...

You've got this! I am also hoping to clean out my closet! I need to do that desperately!

Southern & Style said...

Can't wait to see more beauty and style posts-my favorite!

xoxo, SS

Southern and Style

Breakfast at Lillys said...

You go girl with your goals! Oh man, I feel you on the pitching front. I always start to get discouraged when I hear a ton of nos in a row so I give myself a few days before starting back up again.

KBrell said...

I love your goals! When you're done purging your home, do you want to come over and do mine? Lol, I'm also hoping to tackle my closet this months. Cheers to a great September!

Crystal // Dreams, etc. said...

I can't believe it's September already! This year is flying by! You did a great job with your goals last month! Good luck in September. :)

Erica Ligenza said...

One of my goals is finalizing launch plans for my next launch of my course BossPitch - hollah to pitching!

Coming Up Roses

aclassyfashionista said...

Thanks so much Rachel!

aclassyfashionista said...

You can do it!! This is such an exciting time for you, too!

aclassyfashionista said...

Once you start pitching, you never stop! It's so fun! haha!

aclassyfashionista said...

Thank you!! <3

aclassyfashionista said...

Updating the older posts was definitely a huge task. You should totally tackle your closet! Getting rid of it all will feel so good!

aclassyfashionista said...

Yes!! It's halfway through the month and I STILL need to meet up with a friend for coffee. You should reconnect with someone this month too! :)

aclassyfashionista said...

haha the flexibility is def my fav part but it's definitely a struggle bus of craziness. I wouldn't change it for the world though!

aclassyfashionista said...

yes! definitely do it! I had an increase in traffic just from updating them and making some new pins!

aclassyfashionista said...

YES! I'm about to go through my closet again this month and get rid of everything from the Summer that I didn't touch. Surprisingly there were so many items I never wore.

aclassyfashionista said...

Yay for style and beauty posts!! I STILL need to get better at posting beauty posts--good thing the month is only halfway over!

aclassyfashionista said...

yeah--I had a ton of no's this week and it wasn't the greatest feeling, BUT hey--recharge over the weekend and come back on Monday with some A-game pitches!

aclassyfashionista said...

Haha!! I totally would too! It's basically therapeutic to me--I'm crazy, I know! Good luck tackling your closet!

aclassyfashionista said...

I know--this year is flying by. It's crazy!

aclassyfashionista said...

Get it girl!! I heard your course is AMAZING! <3

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