Tuesday, October 24, 2017

When Chris and I got married, we redid our entire apartment and got rid of all of my pink preppy delights. I'm talking no more pink ottoman in the living room, no more pink throws and pillows, and alas, I said goodbye to all-things white. It was definitely fun switching things up, (hello, a million trips to Home Goods!), but I just found a way to sneak my preppiness back into the living room. You've all seen my bar cart in several home decor posts, but never like this!

When I was thinking about restyling the bar cart, I knew that I wanted to incorporate a little girliness back into the living room. I ended up grabbing a few coffee table books that I had laying around, a cute mug, and my hello darling print that I just had in the closet. I'm kind of a home decor hoarder. Oops! I just liked to be prepared for when my creative juices start flowing and are determined to change things up at 2am!

I love how I was able to use some of my gold decor pieces, but still keep it within our farmhouse decor theme. I ended up moving our bar cart from the corner of the dining room where you saw it in this post to the same wall because it was a little squishy getting to the dining chairs. I think we're going to fill the now empty corner with some vintage wooden crates. We'll be on the hunt for those at some local farmer's markets and antique stores. 

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I'm sure as we get closer to the holidays I'll want to change it up again, but maybe, just maybe it will stay like this for a month or two. (Yeah right! haha!)  Anyhoo, I just love the way it turned out! I used the print that Chris designed and put it in a frame from Michaels (as seen in previous posts). When I was choosing the rest of the items and the placement of them, I kept a few things in mind...

Different Heights for Dimension
Color Coordination
Purposeful Items
Decor on the Top & a Majority of the Alcohol on the Bottom
Flowers are always a must--fake or real

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Cocktail Shaker (similar)
Wooden Frame

All other items were found at Marshalls & Home Goods or are currently sold out. Once they become available again, I will be sure to link them for you!

Do you have a bar cart? If so, how'd you decorate yours? As long as it has wine & rum, you're golden. Speaking of rum, we need to get some ASAP!

Stay Classy.

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