A special thanks to Minted for complimentary Christmas cards. All opinions are mine alone.

Last weekend, my husband and some of our friends went to New York City for the day to take our Christmas card photos and explore the beautifully decorated city. Little did we know that we'd get a more breathtaking experience than we thought. We knew that it was supposed to snow when we were going to head up, but we only thought there was going to be an inch or two. Well, as we started driving, it started to snow more and more. By the time we actually got into the city from the Philadelphia area, there was a good two inches on the ground, and it was still coming down in big, fluffy chunks.

I couldn't believe just how beautiful the city was beginning to look. We took the subway and met our best friends, Mike & Summer, from Coffee With Summer, at the hotel they were staying at. There we prepped ourselves for our Christmas card photoshoot that we'd be taking in Central Park. It was only about a twenty or so minute walk, but you have me in stilettos and a tulle skirt walking through snow, so it was a comical twenty minutes.

Once we got on location in the heart of Central Park, the snow continued to fall creating a blanket of crystal-like snow everywhere you looked. The trees had a dusting on the branches, and it was the most breathtaking sight I had ever seen while in the city. There were a few places that I wanted to take pictures, but let's just say when you plan for something in the city, it's probably not going to happen. haha! It was so cold, that we ended up not walking all the way through to where we were going to originally shoot, but I think that it still worked out in the end. Our friend, Aaron, who took our wedding photos, came along and took our Christmas card photos for us. You can check out his work here

Once we were finished seeing the sights, it was time to head home after another successful trip to the city. Fun Fact: The main reason I wanted to head into the city for our first married Christmas card, was because my husband, Chris, first messaged me while I was in the city with Summer and some other friends and it's just held this special place in my heart, and I'm sure it will forever.

When we got home and settled, we excitingly looked at the photos that we had taken and chose our most favorite for our Christmas card. This year we decided to go through Minted for our Christmas cards, because they have such a beautiful collection to choose from. After searching through the different options, we chose to use this layout. I also wanted the convenience of everything coming to my house at once, so I decided to pick up these customizable magnolia wreath stamps as well!

As soon as my boxes were delivered, I couldn't wait to open them up! My cards were printed Signature Smooth stock, and the quality is out of this world! Something that really stood out to me with Minted is that you can have your envelopes addressed for you. All I had to do was type in my names and addresses within the site and they were ready to go! Since they are saved into my account, now they are saved in there for next time as well. It took no time at all, and now my envelopes are stunning as ever.

If you procrastinated a little on your Christmas cards, you're in luck! If you place your order on Minted by this weekend, you will be able to receive them by next Tuesday, so you'll have them right before Christmas! P.S. If you order, be sure to use this code: Winter17 at checkout for an additional 15% off your Christmas Card order.

Tonight is our annual Christmas party, and I am so excited to be spending an evening with some of our closest friends! I just know it will be full of fun and laughter as we ring in the Christmas season. I can't wait to try all of the food and drinks Chris has been planning and prepping for weeks!. Guess I should go help him out, huh?! I hope you have a wonderful weekend--stay warm out there!

Stay Classy.

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