Dec 20, 2017

Thank you Shopify for sponsoring this post. Track your holiday shipments in one place with the new Arrive app!

As we're in the final days of the holiday season, I'm sure you're still tracking your many, many shipments that are on their way to you! I just recently discovered an awesome app that does it all for you in one place! Today, I'm sharing this time-saving app and a few tips for online shopping this holiday season!

Tips for Online Holiday Shopping //

One // Utilize Shopify Arrive--Package Tracker

As the number of online purchases you make increases, so do the carriers, tracking numbers, and expected delivery dates you have to keep tabs on. Enter Arrive, a mobile app that lets you track all of your online orders and tracking details in one place, no matter which carrier is delivering them or which store you ordered from--it's practically magic. Arrive only uses information directly related to your packages like tracking number, mail carrier, final destination, and order number. Arrive adheres to strict industry standards for information security management to safeguard sensitive information.

It's super easy to use, too! To download the Shopify Arrive--Package Tracker app, click this link or head to the App Store on your iOS device. Once you've downloaded the app, you will sync it with your Gmail account to begin tracking your packages!

All of your deliveries will be on one app where you have the opportunity to enable push notifications for when the status of your delivery changes!

Two // Subscribe to newsletters/emails for extra discounts

I know that newsletters & store emails can be a little pesky and come through quite often during the holiday season, but they really do help you save tons of money in the long run. Often times, if you subscribe to a new store, you'll get an automatic discount of anywhere between 10-20% off!

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Three // Check your email for promo codes

Now that you've subscribed to a million newsletters, make sure to check your email for the latest deals and promo codes! A lot of times during the holidays, stores will offer a discount code on the entire purchase or a free shipping code. Either way, you're still bound to save a little $$$!

Four // Check your bank statements

Checking your bank statements is super crucial during the holidays. Credit card fraud is at an all-time high, so you want to be sure to check your statements regularly, especially after a shopping trip in case your bank missed a fraudulent charge and did not notify you! Having your card stolen is the most inconvenient thing ever, but if this happens to you, you want to be on top of your account so that you get it resolved as quickly as possible.

Five // Shop around for the best deals

Have you ever noticed how some stores will charge a silly difference in the amount for a product just because they can?! Make sure you're not one to fall for it. Shop around and scope out all of your shopping options. Just this week, my hubby and I were looking to purchase a gift for his dad online and one retailer had it listed for $10 more, plus you still had to pay shipping on top of that! We found a promo code for free shipping on another site, so we got a shipping and product discount just by shopping around before buying.

Six // Shop on verified & trusted sites

This is so super important when doing your holiday shopping. A deal might look amazing, but it could also be a scam. Be sure to look for the lock in the URL and a secure stamp to assure you're on a secure website before entering your credit card number!

Shop safe & shop smart this holiday season. I hope these tips help as we wind down the days to Christmas!

Stay Classy.

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