Dec 19, 2017

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The Winter refuses to be nice to my lips. Without fail, every year my lips become a dry, chapped mess. Dry lips in the wintertime are extremely painful for me, and I'm always looking for products that are actually going to help relieve the pain and heal my lips.

On my hunt to find a product that will really help, I discovered Herpecin L. It's safe to use everyday to relieve and protect painful cracking of lips and promotes healing without numbing or drying. It's unique formula with dimethicone protects and the sunscreen (SPF 30) helps guard against the sun's harmful rays to prevent sunburn on the lips.

Another thing that peeps deal with in the wintertime are pesky cold sores. With Herpecin L, there is something you can do to help treat and relieve your cold sores. It's a unique pharmacist-recommended product for the treatment, protection, and relief of cold sores, sun, and fever blisters. Cold sores (oral herpes) are more common than you think. In fact, 50-80% of US adults have oral herpes. It's definitely nothing to be embarrassed of, because now you know of a product that will give you real results.

In addition to using Herpecin L, here are a few other things that you can do to help your lips look their best in the wintertime.

Winter Lip Remedies & Tips

Use a lip scrub //

Whether you have a lip scrub on hand that you already love or you want to make your own, lip scrubs are lip savers. To make your own, you can mix brown sugar and olive oil/vaseline. Once you have those ingredients combined, scrub your lips and wipe your lips clean. To get an increased exfoliation experience, you can use a toothbrush to scrub your lips as well!

Apply Herpecin L //

This baby is a beauty jewel and probably the most under-the-radar product out there. It's a unique, pharmacist-recommended product that does an amazing job at providing instant relief from burning, itching, and oozing (yikes!), while at the same time protecting the lips with medication. The medication speeds up recovering so you don't have to suffer from cold sores and dry lips for a week or longer. It's an awesome preventive treatment as well. It's enriched with Lysine, Vitamins B6, C, & E, and Lemon Balm. 

Drink lots of water //

Drinking loads of water is always important, but it's especially important in the wintertime. Staying hydrated keeps your body and your lips hydrated. Whether you have a reusable cup you fill daily or you have a reminder on your phone, always remember to drink water. 

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Cover your lips while outside //

It might look and seem crazy, but covering your lips while you're outside in the brisk cold will do wonders for your lips. By not exposing them to the elements and the extremely dry air, it prevents them from chapping and cracking.

Stop licking your lips //

Licking your lips is the worst thing you can do for them, especially when they are dry. Your saliva actually contains digestive enzymes that will make your lips drier. It might feel good in the moment to lick your lips, but in the long run, you're only hurting them more. If you feel that your lips need moisture, grab your Herpecin L!

Definitely try these remedies and give Herpecin L a shot so that you can have the healthiest of lips this Winter. You can purchase Herpecin L at Walmart!

What are some of your lip remedies during the Winter?

Stay Classy.

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