If there's one thing I've learned while being a blogger it's that we all need each other. Not only do we need each other's support to get through everyday life as a blogger in general, but we need to build each other up, share content, and continue to grow the blogging community.

Facebook groups can do just that. Being active in multiple blogging groups can give your blog the jumpstart or continued momentum it needs to achieve your dreams. For me, these very groups and those within them have helped me get where I am today in my blogging career. I'll give you some details on what you can expect within each group so you can request to join those that would benefit you & your blog the most!

Cultivating Instagram Engagement For Bloggers 

This is actually a group I just started, because cultivating a community is so huge for me. I wanted a place for those of us who have been personally victimized by the Instagram Algorithm (Mean Girls reference if ya didn't catch that lol) to be able to build each other up on the platform that's mandatory for all bloggers but is currently working against us. In my group, you will find daily like all threads and follow all threads so that we can continue to grow together. Through a lot of similar groups with these threads, I have discovered so many new accounts and I've become friends with a huge majority of them.

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Blog Passion Project

I am an admin of this group and I highly recommend you join this one! No joke, through this group, I have made real-life friends and have hung out with those that are nearby. It's amazing how there is such a huge want for community in this group and we are all there to help each other grow. In this group, there are comment threads, Pinterest repin threads (my favorite to grow!!), Facebook engagement threads, and more!

Show Your Blog Love

This group has a lot of the same members that you will find in Blog Passion Project and I just love that! We truly do stick together. In this group, there are Facebook like all threads, Instagram like all threads, Pinterest repin threads, comment threads, and more! The Facebook like all threads are my favorite in this group, because it will jumpstart the likes on my Facebook post so that more of my readers and those that like the page will be more prone to see it!

If you're looking to grow as a blogger, Pinterest is the way to go. This group will help you connect with other bloggers so that you can contribute to their Pinterest Group Boards and be seen by more than just your audience. Some of the groups I'm in have over 10,000 people, so imagine pinning to several boards that size and larger! You've now just expanded by your viewership by doing something so simple. In this group, you can also ask for contributors to your own group boards.

I have a group board called Fashion / Beauty / Lifestyle that I'd love for you to join! Simply follow me on Pinterest & send me a DM!

Growing Social Media For Bloggers

I love this group for the Pinterest repin thread. These threads (depending on the pin topic) can jolt over 30 extra pins, which in turn goes to all of their followers! Just a recent experience with this thread, one of my quote pins now has over 800 repins in under a week because I shared it to this group! This group also has a large Instagram like all thread and a few others that you'd really benefit from like request 5. This thread you can request anything from a comment on a blog post to a repin, or a like on a photo. Anything goes!

Blogging With Heart

This group is super similar to the others as well. It has the Pinterest repin threads, comment threads, and even a retweet thread. Something that this group offers that not many other groups have are themed days where you can ask questions, you can see about collaborating with other bloggers, you can share your successes, and on Friday's, there are follow all threads that rotate through the many platforms that we bloggers need to grow our network!

Grow Your Blog

If you are wanting to thrive in the gloriousness of Pinterest, here is another group to join with a Pinterest repin thread. There are also daily StumbleUpon threads, Instagram & Facebook like all threads, and comment threads. If you're wanting to grow your social media accounts, there are also pretty large monthly & quarterly follow all threads as well!

As I've been in some of these groups for as long as I've been blogging, I can personally say that they have truly helped me get to where I am today within my blogging career. The community you build with those that are members helps build an empire. You can create lasting relationships that lead to endless collaborations and the best of advice from others that are right there where you are or have been. I can't wait to further build the blogging community with you!

What groups are you in that I did not mention? I'd love to check them out!


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  2. This is an awesome post and I joined every single group board ha. Im new to facebook and the groups and for the passed 4 days i have seen a huge improvement in pinterest engagement , comments on my blog and shares . Im very excited !

    Great stuff !


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