Anyone else feel prettier when their nails are painted?! I just feel so much more put together & like I can take over the world when they're perfectly painted! When I started working from home a year ago, I let my nails fall by the wayside. I wasn't getting them done at the salon anymore, nor was I spending the time to do them all the time at home. I realized that I needed to spend time on myself to unwind, so I might as well paint my nails and feel prettier, right?!

Last week I received a lovely surprise in the mail from Dip Into Pretty. As soon as I opened my package I knew I was going to love these products. I mean can you get any more me than pink & glitter?! That night I declared it a self-care night because I needed to try out these polishes ASAP!

For all my safer beauty lovelies out there, I'm happy to say that these polishes are 5 Free, which means there is no Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, or Camphor in the formula! They are also vegan friendly & cruelty free. Yay for saving the animals! 💗

That night I ended up putting on Gossip Girl... (I'm slightly way past obsessed with GG! I'm Blair Waldorf in case you were wondering 😉) and I gave myself a manicure & pedicure. I was so shocked at how easy these polishes applied. For my manicure, I used the color On Pointe (light pink) and City Lights (silver glitter) to give myself the perfect springtime mani.

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With the color On Pointe, I ended up applying three thin coats for it to be more pigment, but it dries very quickly so it didn't add hardly any extra time at all! With City Lights I applied two coats. This is by far my favorite sparkle polish I've ever used. Not only are the sparkles super concentrated, they're extremely shiny as well. I just love how the polish catches the light and complements my wedding ring bling.

For my pedicure I kept it simple and just did all my toesies with On Pointe. I was going to get extra fancy and add glitter on some toes, but I couldn't make up my mind on what I wanted to do...typical haha! With my pedi, I had some extra help from Dip Into Pretty. So you know the tie dye foam toe separators from like the 90's?? Kiss those babies goodbye forever. I have something way better and cuter!

I bring to you the cutest pedi spacers in the entire world. They are super soft, made out of silicone, and they prevent your polish from smudging. They're easy to walk in, which is super convenient, especially if you have to head out the door and your polish is still wet. I'm the queen of last minute pedis during the warmer months, so it's nice to know that I can keep these pedi spacers on with my flip flops, and my polish will keep from smudging!

 Dip Into Pretty has so many different styles to choose from, but of course I had to get my hands on the pearls & donuts. These pedi spacers will definitely be getting tons of use. When you're done with your mini self-care session, you can put them in their darling travel bag for safe keeping until your next pedi. I had so much fun using my new pedi spacers that I can't wait for my next self-care night!

Also, if you're looking for a unique gift for someone, I highly recommend any of these products. They will be sure to love them, and I know you will, too!

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What are your favorite mani/pedi colors for spring? Have you ever heard of Dip Into Pretty?!

A special thanks to Dip Into Pretty for sending me all product in this post in exchange for styling. All opinions are mine alone.


  1. YES! These colors scream spring to me and love the glitter paired with them!

  2. These colors are so pretty! I love the pearl toe separators too! Finally an Insta-gram-able accessory for pedicures at home!

  3. Do you find that they wear well? I have a problem with chipping my polish easily. haha These sounds amazing!

  4. I love the touch of glitter! This is such a cute mani for spring~

  5. Those pedicure spacers are so cute! I haven't heard of this brand and love the pink color.

  6. Great suggestion as a gift for someone special! Your nails and toes look fab!

  7. Your nails look SO PRETTY - lovelovelove the glitter accent nail!

  8. I love the silver glotter polish! Life is more fun with a little glitter. :)

  9. I LOVE the toe thingys haha - how cute are they!? Also, nothing beats the perfect nude pink mani for springtime. Going to check them out!

  10. I love these shades with a hint of glitter!

  11. I love the soft pink, so perfect for spring!
    I'm not a big fan of accent nails. The only one that I sort of enjoy are the silvery ones.

  12. That pale pink is the perfect color for spring!


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