The dollar store is probably one of my favorite places to look for a variety of different things. I've found so many amazing deals for a dollar or less at the dollar store and the same item is three to four dollars somewhere else! I also love shopping at the dollar store, because I can put anything and everything I've ever dreamed of in my cart and the total is a whopping twenty bucks when I'm done haha!

If you've never taken advantage of the amazing deals, it's time you start now. I'm sharing some of my top ten mind-blowing finds. They're items I have in my own home or used for different events--like brunches & my wedding!

I bought these glasses for my Styled Springtime Brunch and I just love them. I was searching around the store for other items and stumbled across these glasses and had a mini freakout in the store because I was so excited! You can't beat only $1 for these!

I love having all white place settings. It just looks so much prettier to me--especially when I'm styling food for the blog! I found these small white plates right before I was having a dinner party last year. Chris and I realized that we didn't have enough plates for everyone, so for $1, you bet we got a full set!

If you're throwing a party or picnic anytime soon, these utensils are amazing to have on hand. I ended up grabbing some of these to use for our wedding! They were super sturdy and since they were only a dollar, I didn't feel bad about throwing them away after the wedding.

I love candles and I think they just add so much class to a dinner party, but I hate spending a ton of money on them. The candles & holders are all $1 and some even came in packs 3 for $1! Such a great bargain and no one will ever have to know how inexpensive they are.

These gold frames were life savers for me as I was on the search for frames for our wedding seating chart and signs. I knew I wanted to put those printed signs in frames, but when I went to different stores, they were upwards of $3-$4 each! I came across these and picked up tons for our wedding decor and now I'm reusing them for home decor.

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Why spend tons of money on planters at home stores when you can get super cute ones for $1 a piece?! These are the only product I don't personally own yet. I was going to pick some up when I was at the store the other day, but since we're moving, I won't have a place to put flowers until we get a home. I did check them out in person though and they're so cute!

These mugs give your coffee a little extra fancy flare in the mornings. They're also perfect if you have company and want to show off a little bit. I picked up two of them a few months ago for this post, and Chris and I have been using them ever since!

You guys already know that I spoil Lilly to no end. Getting her tons of toys can get a little pricey, but I discovered a huge selection of toys for her at the dollar store. Her heart and her toy bin are full, for sure!

If you ever throw a dinner party and think you're going to run out of bowls, I have another find you're going to love! I love these bowls for cereal & salad. Having a full set of dinnerware has never been easier.

Ten // Shipping & Mailing Supplies

Chris and I sell our clothes on Poshmark quite often, so we've been needing shipping supplies out the wazoo. It's so convenient to be able to run down the street and grab any supplies we may need--from boxes to tape!

Always check the dollar store before spending the big bucks somewhere else. You never know what you're going to find!

What are some of your favorite finds from the dollar store?!


  1. I have always found decent picture frames at the Dollar Store! Super useful and great for throwing parties!

  2. This was such a good post, I actually go to the dollar store quite a bit but never find this much as you! I'm definitely keeping my eyes open for those irish coffee mugs, I've been on the hunt! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love everything, and what a great bargain! I love the white dishes! So clean and fresh looking!

  4. What?! Why didn't I know the Dollar Store had such cute stuff?!!!

  5. These are all so cute! I love your finds and I can't believe they're from the dollar store!

  6. I love the white plates and bowls! I used to get some great scores at the dollar store but when we relocated the one's near us are gross and empty. We move in 2 weeks so hoping for another good one nearby!

  7. I've never tried any of their kitchen dishes. I like to get things such as storage baskets, party supplies, puzzles, and toys at the Dollar Store.

  8. I love the Coke drinking glasses! My aunt has some and she somehow got them as special offers from McDonald's...

  9. The dollar store has an awesome party section for holidays, so I always stock up for my Halloween parties. I always get my gift bags there and tape as well. Another great section is the teacher/school section!

  10. I love this post so so much. The dollar store has become my go to for classic party decor. I ned to stock up on some of the white pieces for holidays and everyday decor. They make great blogging props, too!


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