Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The hydrated & glowing skin beauty trend is about to take it up a notch as we head closer to summertime. I love a gorgeous, glowing makeup look as much as the next girl, but something was missing from my beauty routine. Of course I was using all of the illuminating foundations & highlighters I could get my hands on, but that simply wasn't enough. You see, the perfect glow starts from within.

Without makeup on, (which you'll rarely see on the blog!) I have rosacea (patchy redness--ugh!), super sensitive skin, acne scarring, and dull & dry skin due to the rosacea. You would never know, because of the makeup I wear, but I'd give anything to have naturally glowing skin. It's almost summertime, the weather is getting warmer, and I'd love to be able to go out with minimal makeup on and actually love my skin.

In order to have the gorgeous glow you see in the magazines and throughout the beauty looks on Pinterest, you have to get your skin in a healthy place as well. I love skincare just as much as I love makeup, so I was determined to find a facial cleanser that would not only cleanse my skin, but leave it feeling hydrated and glowing from the inside out.

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Olay has a new soy-based cleanser called Olay Cleansing Infusion Facial Cleanser with Deep Sea Kelp that draws out impurities and draws in hydration for naturally glowing skin. This facial cleanser actually improves your skin's condition as you wash it. It produces a creamy lather, which leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Its hydrating formula includes deep sea kelp and aloe extract (I love aloe--it helps soothe my rosacea!) and its non-stripping formula is perfect for daily use on all skin types.

When I first tried the Olay Cleansing Infusion Facial Cleanser with Deep Sea Kelp, I couldn't believe how soft it made my skin feel! I just went to cleanse my face in the middle of writing this post so I could give you a real-time experience review.

Before cleansing my face, my skin was slightly oily and bumpy around my nose and chin area. As I pumped the cleanser onto my clean, wet fingers, the first thing I noticed was the product's smooth texture and amazing smell. Its fragrance is the perfect light scent. I'm normally not big into fragrances, but I'm loving the way it smells!

I gently massaged the soy-based, deep sea kelp & aloe extract formula onto my face and noticed an immediate difference in my skin's texture and overall appearance. After I rinsed my face with warm water, my skin was soft to the touch, felt hydrated, and it had a natural glow.

This formula truly improved my skin's condition as I washed it. One thing I loved was my skin wasn't left feeling extremely tight afterwards, like I needed to lather on moisturizer. The Cleansing Infusion's hydrating formula acts more like your skin's natural lipids to renew your skin's surface from within, revealing your natural glow. Olay's cleansers do more than just clean, because they are inspired by skin, not soap.

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 One last thing I just have to point out is the gorgeous packaging! The champagne gold color gives it such a luxurious look & feel--it's so pretty you can leave it right on your bathroom counter. This stunning packaging also makes it super easy to locate in-store. Just look for the gold cleanser when shopping!

Have you tried the Olay Cleansing Infusion Facial Cleanser with Deep Sea Kelp yet? Do you use any other skincare products from Olay?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.

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