Monday, July 2, 2018

Hey friends--happy July! I thought that June was a busy month, but boy oh boy, this month I have before me is busy X infinity. I've got several work trips coming up, exciting campaigns, and guys, I'm actually going to the dentist. Most productive & busy month ever. haha!

The end of June, we finally moved out of our apartment (more on that coming later this week) and we are now attempting to settle into our new home. It might take a while, but it's giving us the motivation we need to hunker down and have the ability to save for our home.

Today, I wanted to share with you my outfit from the Phillies baseball game + my goals for July! The baseball game was so hot, but so totally worth it. Chris and I had a blast with our families & it was the perfect way to officially kick off the summertime.

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June Goals Recap //

Personal //

One // Finish purging the apartment

Check! All of it is gone, purged, and donated!

Two // Pack up & move!

We did it!! We've officially moved and are getting settled into our new home!

Blogging //

One // Pre-Write blog posts

So I didn't do a ton of pre-writing, but I got a good amount of content out in June even though I was crazy, crazy busy!

Two // Do more marketing research

I definitely want to continue to always do marketing research to make my brand even better. Each month, I'm going to challenge myself to research a new platform or marketing strategy. I also have my hubby to help me strategize since he works in marketing as well!

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July Goals //

Personal //

One // Establish a new monthly budget

Chris and I have been diligently saving money each month. If you missed it, I wrote a post on Why I'm Choosing to Have a No Spend Month, and honestly, it was the most freeing month I've ever had. Of course we purchased groceries & moving supplies, but we didn't buy any clothes, no makeup, home decor--nothing! I did buy a pack of washcloths, but that's kind of necessary. 😉

We're also starting to follow Dave Ramsey's Financial Baby Steps, and we're saying goodbye to student debt, because our own house will just seem so much sweeter without taking any debt with us.

Two // Have 2 date nights a month with Chris

Now that we live with other people, alone time is much needed. Whether our date night is heading out to grab groceries and ice cream or dinner at our favorite spot, it will be extremely important for us to have these moments.

Blogging //

One // Prepare for my NYC trip

At the end of this month, I'll be headed to NYC for a work conference and I am so excited! I can't wait to be able to share more details with you! Let's just say, me + my bestie + NYC = perfection.

Two // Put out tons of style content

I have so many outfit ideas in my head, but the past few weeks have been so hard to shoot since we were a little busy with moving & all. I want to shoot as many outfits as I can a week so that I can have more amazing content for you!

Three // Finalize an Instagram editing theme

My Instagram theme has changed quite a bit over the past couple years--months even! I think I'm finally at the point where I'm starting to love my theme again. Shooting consistent content that flows perfectly together is near impossible. Plus, everything is all green right now, which is totally jackin' my style. I've been messing around with new editing techniques, so this month, you'll see more of it! I always want my Instagram feed to be cohesive, but real life.

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What are some of your goals for this month?!

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