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In case you missed it, Chris and I moved! It was such a bitter-sweet move, because we left behind our first apartment together, but we know that we are on to bigger and better things! We are currently renting at a much lower amount than we were paying, which gives us the ability to save up tons of money for a down payment on our future house! We have a plan in action, and hopefully, another move relatively soon will be in our future.

For today's post, I wanted to give you all of my tips & tricks I learned during this move, as well as a moving checklist that I lived by. I kept myself super organized throughout the whole move--from paperwork to packing, and it made for a stress-free move.

Honestly, no move is completely stress-free, but this move was as close as we could possibly get! It did rain on our move day, so that caused a little uncontrollable stress, but the good thing about the rain is that it helped cool us down from the hot summer temperatures. While moving, you always have to keep your eye on the prize and focus on the positives.

Tips For a Stress-Free Move //

One // Purge 4-6 weeks before the move

Purging is so freeing. Not only do you have the opportunity to make a little extra $$$ by selling unwanted items, you're also allowing yourself to free yourself of extra clutter as you move into your new space. Chris and I went through our closets several times to get rid of clothes we hadn't worn in a while. We also purged unwanted kitchen items! The less we had to pack, the better.

Two // Begin the packing process 4 weeks before the move

By starting off the moving process 4 weeks before the move, you're able to take it slow and stay organized as you pack. You will also feel less stressed and rushed since you're giving yourself more than enough time to pack.

Three // Clean and organize as you pack

 Staying organized while packing is key, because you don't want to be sifting through tons of boxes to find that one specific pot or pan. Cleaning as you pack a cabinet is also super helpful. As I was packing up the kitchen, after each cabinet or drawer, I would grab a wipe and clean it out!

Four // Create detailed labels on boxes

Be as detailed as you can while labeling your boxes. For me, I found it super helpful to write on a piece of paper what room it belonged in, sometimes I would write what was inside, (especially if it was going into storage) and then I taped it to the box. For us, we had items that went into storage in the basement, and others that were going upstairs to our new bedroom & bathroom. The easiest way for me to designate the two was to write either upstairs or storage on the box! Just be sure to specify where it goes so that family & friends know where to bring it. If you want uniform labels on your boxes, download these box labels courtesy of Allstate!

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Five // Utilize vacuum bags for pillows, blankets & linens

Vacuum bags were our saving grace. Pillows and linens take up so much space, so why not reduce the amount of space they take up so they can be easily packed!? They're also perfect, because if they are off season linens or will be in storage for a while, the vacuum bags will protect them better than just being thrown in the linen closet.

Six // Map out furniture on graph paper

If you're as OCD as I am, you'll want to do this. It's so amazing to visualize where your furniture will be going. So, if you have the ability to pre-measure your new home, do it! It helped to calm my pre-move jitters, as well as help me visualize what my new home would look like. Not going to lie, I felt a little like Joanna Gaines. 😉

Seven // Create a list of all companies and services to notify of your move

Believe it or not, there are so many companies and services you need to notify. From the post office, banks, online shopping, student loans, insurances, and more, your address needs to be changed in their system! It's also super important to notify your state's DMV of your move as well. This change-of-address checklist will definitely come in handy!

Eight // Transfer your Renters or Homeowners Insurance

No matter where you're living, you want to be covered. A couple of weeks before your move, notify your insurance company of your move. It also wouldn't hurt to follow up after your move to assure your new address is covered and your policy has transferred correctly. The Allstate Moving Center will help you every step of the way, especially if you are moving out on your own for the first time!

Nine // Stay on a packing schedule

Within this post, I have a moving checklist to help you stay on schedule, or feel free to make your own checklist timeline. But, no matter what, stay on track with your schedule. You will be less stressed, stay more organized, and feel better prepared for your move. Not staying on a schedule and winging it is one of Allstate's Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid. Stay on schedule & stay organized.--You'll thank me later.

Ten // Bribe family & friends with good food & drinks after the move

There's nothing peeps won't do for good food and drinks. Bribe them with an awesome reward after their hard labor. If you want to be even more amazing, provide energy snacks and tons of water during the move. If you're moving in the summertime like we did, you're going to need it.

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I hope that these tips have been helpful and will make your upcoming or next move as stress-free as possible! Remember, moving is just another adventure to get you where you need to be!

Will you be moving soon?! What tips do you have for someone that's about to move?

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  1. I wish I had stumbled upon this list a few months ago. My partner and I moved in to our first house and I had never moved before - to say I had no idea what I was doing would be an understatement hahaha. This is such a great checklist! Super handy. :) x

    1. Aw that's so exciting! I wish you had this list before you moved, too!! <3

  2. These are SUCH great tips! Having your furniture mapped out and having a great checklist are essential. Moving is so stressful - doing anything possible to help is so key!

    1. Thank you!! And yes--it seriously helped SO much!!

  3. All amazing tips! There are so many things that go with moving, so being organized as much is possible is key. When I moved over 5 years ago, purging was so nice! I got rid of probably 5+ bags of things. Also, yes to writing what is included in each of your boxes! Makes it so much easier to find. Loved this!!

    1. Oh wow--you definitely purged a lot. It's such a great feeling! Writing in detail on the boxes have helped us so much--especially since a lot of boxes are in storage!

  4. Purging is so important pre-move. My first move-- we ended up transporting a bunch of stuff that we didn't need which cost us extra money. Never again.

    xx Tatyanna

    1. Ah yes-- exactly!! Purge it all away before your next move!!

  5. This post is so helpful! The idea of moving is so overwhelming, and I totally agree it has to start with decluttering and purging items.

  6. I'm glad it's helpful!! Decluttering and purging helps in so many ways. Less stuff to move = less work!!!

  7. These are really good tips.


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