Aug 15, 2018

If you're anything like me, you can't keep your home decor the same for very long. In the end, this can get extremely expensive having to redecorate all of the time. Well, today, I want to chat about ten inexpensive ways to update your home decor. There's no reason to break your budget--you can have a pretty home and a full wallet, too!

Throw Pillows //

I will be the first to admit that I have way too many throw pillows, but I am so okay with that. I have four to five on my bed at a time, some are in vacuum sealed bags in the basement, and others are scattered around the house.

They just add so much character to your home. You can get pillows for each season like I do and be able to switch up your home decor so easily! It's one of the simplest ways to update your bedding or couch. You can even get new pillow covers instead of having to store a whole pillow. Either way, update those pillows with the seasons!

Throw Blanket //

Throw blankets are another thing I have slightly way too many of. An entire shelf in the linen closet is filled with them, plus a whole container down in the basement. But, I won't apologize, because you need them everywhere! On your bed, the couch, the chair in the corner of your living room, the office--a throw blanket for every room! haha!

In all seriousness, they are an inexpensive way to update your bedding or your couch as well. I get my throw blankets for under $20 at stores like Home Goods to keep the home looking gorgeous and my wallet full.

Hand Towels //

I'm going to blame this obsession and compulsive buying disorder on my Mother (sorry Mom! Thanks for editing this haha!!). It's just one of those things that she loves to have all in her kitchen and bathroom, and guess what? So do I--even my sister got the hand towel obsession curse. But it's okay, because my Mom always swaps out her hand towels with the seasons and holidays and it totally transforms the space!

You can get hand towels that are super inexpensive at Marshalls, Home Goods, and TJ Maxx, and they are so cute! I have so many Kate Spade sets from there and they're perfect to switch out in the kitchen and bathroom. $5-$10 to transform a space each season--not too shabby!

Artwork //

I love artwork, but it's something that I'm very picky about when buying now. I used to pick up anything and everything that was white and gold, but now I'm purchasing things that I know will stay in style and go in our first home. I don't have a ton of artwork in our bedroom and bathroom, but the pieces that I do have flow with each season and are neutrals. Update your older artwork with something more your current style and with something that will stay in style. I splurged on the piece that's above our bed (only $50, but still a splurge for me), but it will be able to go anywhere in our future home.

Faux Plants //

I heart faux plants. Since I decorate with so much white, gold, and natural wood, adding in another natural element helps to really pull the space together. Just a few pops of greenery or faux flowers helps pull together a book stack, end table, dresser, or shelf.

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Picture Frames //

I love updating old picture frames with new ones! Michaels is such a great place to shop for frames, because they have so many gorgeous options and they always have sales and coupons. We've even custom made our own artwork and had it printed and then put it in a Michaels frame, and it looks like a million bucks, and it cost under $20!

Shower Curtain //

There are so many shower curtain patterns, textures, shapes, materials, you name it! You can completely transform your bathroom with something as simple as a shower curtain. If you think about it, a shower/bath takes up a good portion of the average sized bathroom. Why not update it?!

Area Rug //

I think I'm addicted to home decor. I swear I don't need rehab...I'll be okay...but I may or may not have a million different area rugs. I can't get enough of them! They're just such an easy way to change a space completely. I have one under the bed, in the bathroom, under my vanity chair, by the bath tub...they're everywhere!

Area rugs are also a great way to update your flooring if it's not in the budget to get a whole new floor. Maybe you're not a huge fan of your carpet color...add an area rug. Don't like the wood dining table on the wood floor...add an area rug! It will 110% make a huge difference.

Soap Dispenser //

This sounds so silly and insignificant, but buy yourself a darling soap dispenser and boom, you instantly just updated your bathroom. I used to just use the cheap soap that had the ugly plastic containers. Well, now I use the cheap soap, but I pour it into the pretty container! Making a space doesn't have to be anything crazy, this simple update can be a huge start!

Candle //

I love the look of candles and most importantly, how they make a home smell homey and inviting. I personally love lighter or sweeter scents, so the fall candles are my favorite. There's something about the room smelling like pumpkin cheesecake or apple pie all day that makes me happier. I always feel when I walk into a home and it smells nice, it's a million times nicer. Wonderful smells equal wonderful memories.

There ya have it--Ten inexpensive ways to update your home decor! Remember updating your home doesn't have to start with a full out remodel. You can add little details that make your home more your style and as homey as ever.

What are your favorite ways to update your home decor?


  1. Oh my goodness! i am in the midst of moving into a new apartment and i am loving these ideas for updating my home on a budget! thank you!! pinning this!
    Christina XOXO

  2. Great ideas! I'm also guilty of having too many throw covers.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty
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  3. These are wonderful ideas to spruce up your home. I think changing out decor does wonders and it's so affordable.

  4. Always great to add a little something new!

  5. Some great tips here, love those fluffy cushions!

  6. I have plenty of throw pillows that I am trying to recover. They were given to me but they just don't go with the ideal decor. I buy inexpensive covers from Amazon. It is great. I need to get more decorative towels and such as well. Some are starting to show some wear.

  7. I'm all about changing throw pillows and adding blankets to spice things up. They truly make a big difference.

  8. These are such great suggestions! Sometimes a little change like new hand towels can completely change the vibe of a room.

  9. Ooh, I love that candle! These are all great ideas, which we'll definitely be taking advantage of when we move into our new house in about a week :)

  10. MMM the pumpkin cupcake candle sounds like it would smell amazing. I am also all about some throw blankets!

  11. faux plants, candles and small details makes decorating your home so easy and cheap.