Sep 2, 2018

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For the past year and half while I was a full-time blogger, I did a monthly goals post to not only motivate myself, but to inspire my readers to set and accomplish monthly goals. I'm a very goal oriented person, but I realized that sometimes telling you just my goals isn't very helpful for you.

It's time to switch things up, and I'll be starting a new series called Classy Currents! It will be a monthly post jam packed full of my current style & beauty favorites and also my major goals for that month. I don't want to leave out goals all together, because I feel as if they have helped inspire so many of you. I'm so excited for this new series and I hope you love it! Grab a cup of coffee (I'm currently sipping on a PSL--no shame!) and enjoy!
Style //

It's officially September, so that means that the temperatures need to drop in the sixties, PSL's need to be in my hand constantly, and I will be wearing sweaters and leopard print flats pretty much everyday. I have such a love for the fall--the crisp air, September skies, and in October, I turn 25!! WOAH. Holy crap. I turn 25 this year...I don't know how I feel about that yet. haha!

Anywhoo, since I work in the fashion industry for my management job, I've been wearing sweaters to work since the beginning of August and I haven't turned back. I do feel slightly funny walking in 90 degree weather with a sweater when it's hot out, but lately it's been in the low 70's and my heart has found a new level of happiness.

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Outfit Details //

Tortoise Sunnies
Leopard Flats (similar)

Beauty //

I was lucky enough to get sent the Her Campus InfluenceHer Essentials Kit: Fall Edition this year, and I'm so excited about the goodies that are inside! While I was at HerConference in July, I was given a few of these items to try already, and when more goodies showed up on my doorstep, I was in heaven!!

Inside the kit this year there's a ton of back to school (or back to work for me!) and fall essentials. There's a  High Sierra Elly backpack, Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter, Garden of Life organic bars, Almay Goddess Gloss™, and a darling sleep mask from the

The sleep mask is made of 100% silk and is so soft and comfy while you sleep! I think my favorite thing in the entire essentials kit is the Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter. I have one in my bathroom, in my nightstand, at work, and my handbag, and I can't get enough. It makes my skin so soft. It's rich and quick-absorbing, leaving skin smooth and soft--never greasy.

I'm also obsessing over SNS Dip Powder nails! I got dip nails for the first time two weeks ago while I was at the beach on vacay, and I am hooked! Gel never really lasted more than a few days on me, so I decided to try dip powder this time after my mother-in-law showed me her nails with dip! I'm so glad that I got dip powder. My nails feel so strong and the color has not faded. After two weeks, there was only one chip on the tip/corner of my thumb (thanks to opening shipment at work) and I just filed it, and it looks good as new! I will probably be able to go another week, so a total of three weeks before getting them done again.

Goals //


This month I have two main personal goals: Pay off my entire credit card and schedule one night a week that I don't work on blog work and I simply relax. You guys, I am so excited, because I will be able to pay off the entire balance of my credit card! The remaining balance that I have is left over from our wedding last April, so I get to kiss $4,000 of debt goodbye! As soon as my last paycheck officially hits my bank account, ya girl will be payin' it off!

As for scheduling one night a week to's going to be hard for me. I have so much that I want to get done for ACF, that I don't want to relax at night, but I know that I need to. It's also important for me to spend time with my husband. It's a Saturday afternoon, and I'm off from my management job, but you already know I'm hustlin' hard working on the blog. I'll definitely be strategic about planning ahead so that we can enjoy a blog free & work free night every once in a while.


Now that I'm officially not a "full-time" blogger anymore, I'm still putting in close to the same amount of hours as I was before. This means little sleep and constant working. It's kind of funny that now that I'm not blogging as my main job anymore, I'm getting more sponsored content and partnerships than ever before, and not to get all preachy, but it's seriously a God thing. I feel as if it's almost confirmation that I'm right where I need to be in life and that going back to work in management full-time was the right move.

I feel so blessed to be able to have two jobs that I absolutely love! So, I guess my main goal for this month is to continue to sign those contracts, make that $$$, and pay off student loans even faster. P.S. I have a post about debt coming out this week, and I can't wait for it to go live!!

Working with the brands I have been working with lately still doesn't feel like real life sometimes, but I am so honored that they believe in me, my voice, and my blog.

There ya have it! My first post for my new blog series: Classy Currents. Do you like this style of post?! Let me know in the comments if you want me to continue these posts monthly. They will always be different. I'll be featuring new beauty products and style favs each month, and of course sharing my goals with you.


  1. I need a pair of those leopard print flats. I love leopard prints.

    1. YAS! Leopard print is my favorite. I've been eyeing up the ones I linked that are similar to the ones I have in the pic. Just waiting for them to go on sale haha!