Oct 11, 2018

It's about time I share our bathroom in our house that we're renting! Honestly, I hope and pray that we find a house with another bathroom like this when it comes time for us to buy next year. It's so big, and the counter, cabinet storage, and two linen closets are simply amazing!

A few weeks ago, I posted on my stories asking if y'all wanted to see a DIY project I was working on. My plant DIY project all sparked, because I seriously could not find any plant I liked! Well, I did find one, which I ordered, but I was sent a tree instead, and of course the plant I wanted was sold out by the time the company realized they sent me the wrong one. From there, I set out on a mission to find another, but they were either too tall, too wide, or too expensive. Who in their right mind is going to pay hundreds of dollars for a fake plant?! Definitely not me. So, I decided it was best to try and make my own!

I ended up finding my leaf branches at Marshalls! They came in a bundle of three each for only eight dollars, and the rest of the supplies totaled just under $25. In today's post, I'll be going through step by step on how super easy this DIY plant is, plus I'll be sharing what our bathroom looks like.

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What you'll need //

6 Leaf Bundle Branches ($15.98)
Square Green Foam (Plant Foam) ($3.99)
Spanish Moss Filler ($4.99)
Gorgeous Pot & Stand (I had!)

Total: $24.93

Once you've gathered all of your supplies, it's time to start crafting! I will tell you that this project requires a little bit of trial and error for the length of the branches. You'll put them in and then realize that you want to cut them down a few more inches or so, but that's okay! The holes in the green plant foam are from the first time I tried to put the branches in and then realized I loved the way it looked, but only if a few more inches were chopped off!

When you're cutting through the branches, cut only through the plastic part. There is metal inside, and you don't want to destroy your scissors.

When you cut through the plastic and get to the metal wire, simply bend the wire back and forth a couple of times, and it will snap! 

When designing my plant, I started with the back layer of three branches first. These are the ones that you'll want to be a little taller, so when trimming these, remember less is more. You can always go back and trim a bit more off.

Once your back layer is in place, it's time for the front of your plant! Just cut down your last branches and stick them in the green foam. I found it best to have one of the branches forward a little bit more in the center and that was my shortest branch.

Now once you have all of your branches in place, you might want to intertwine them a bit or bend some of the branches--remember they have wire inside, so they will stay in place! One tip: When you're placing your branches in the foam and bending the leaves and branches in place, be sure to step back every once in a while. By looking at it for so long in such a close space, it will start to look a bit funny, but once you step back, you're amazed at your creation!

Take your Spanish moss filler (which is so freakin' messy) and stuff it in the sides of the foam and all through the branches and on top to hide the green foam. Adding this last touch gives it such a professional and finished look. You'll be tricking your guests with this plant for sure! Was it $150 or was it $25?! They'll never know--will they!?

There ya have it! It is seriously so easy and can be completed in under 20 minutes.

Bathroom Reveal //

Isn't our bathroom glorious?! It's so huge and I love that there are two sections to the bathroom. The shower and toilet are in one room, and the double vanity is in the first section when you first walk in from the hallway. Each "room" has its own linen closet, so there is so much storage, which has come in handy since we are living out of two rooms until we find a home of our own.

I love that Chris and I each have our own sinks and section of the bathroom. We're able to keep all of our things organized so it's never cluttered! After having such a huge countertop, I don't know if I'll ever be able to go back to something smaller.

Are you going to try out this DIY plant project?! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

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