I AM OBSESSED with this pink sweater. I wore it on Thanksgiving, and then again on Saturday to work, because I love it so much! It's the coziest thing in the entire world, AND it's the perfect pop of color during the dreary & cold weather.

This past weekend was super crazy for me, because it was Black Fri-Yay weekend, and today is Cyber Monday! It's pretty much the craziest week for retail stores, so I was literally running like crazy around my store to make ish happen. Aside from all the craziness, I'm considering this the most successful Black Fri-Yay I've ever had...I only got yelled at a couple times from customers, so totally successful. haha!

I feel like people get so cranky when they are Black Friday shopping, because they made the poor decision to shop all night instead of sleep, so yours truly saw the back lash of that. Oh well, it comes with retail management, so I'm used to it. Anywhoo, enough ranting about work and back to this sweater!

If you think that it's too bright for you, just try it anyway! No lie, I had so many people grabbing this sweater and trying it on in-store, because they were obsessing over the way I styled it. They would try it on and then fall in love with it even more! It just does something for you--it boosts your mood, accents your hair ever-so-perfectly, and keeps you nice and cozy in the harsh cold weather.

The whole point of this post is to encourage you to try a new color this season. I'm loving how pinks are in this season and girl, pink looks good on you! So, whether you grab this exact sweater or you use it as inspiration to try something new, go for it girl!

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Have an amazing Monday! I'm off to work bright & early!

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