Friday, November 2, 2018

Happy November, friends! This month I have so many great things to tell you about--from some new masks and makeup removers to my all-time favorite liquid lips, and of course some style trends I'm loving, I've got you covered as we head into this month.

First things first, can we just talk about how gorgeous these flowers are?! Chris got them for me for my birthday last week and they're still as gorgeous as ever! The eucalyptus I grabbed from work after we threw a style party, so I added them into my bouquet of roses and I'm obsessed. It had been a while since I had fresh flowers in my home, so I was so excited when I saw that he brought them home for me.

They're currently on my vanity/desk area, but I switch them back and forth between there and my night stand so I can enjoy them depending on where I am! I just love the smell of fresh flowers. There's something about them that makes me feel like my life is put together. haha!

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Okay, raise your hand if you have a wireless charger for your phone!! 🙋 They are the greatest things of all time! I feel so high tech with mine and it's so stinkin' cute! This wireless charger is under $30 and comes in three colors. Mine is the rose gold and it's the perfect pink! I love how the charger isn't too big either--it's super slim and sleek and it's the perfect little night stand accessory.

Style //

All things leopard are on my go-to style list this season. Would you guys be interested in a leopard print round up?! I know that so many bloggers have been posting about leopard print, but if you're up for it, I totally am! It's my favorite print during the fall/winter.

I've also been loving frayed bottom denim and gorgeous floral patterned dresses. I have a dress that I just have to share with you on the blog ASAP! It's from LOFT, and I am absolutely adoring their styles this season!

In the next coming weeks, what styles/outfits do you want to see?! I'm going to try and get up some more outfit inspiration, so I want to make sure it's styles you're going to love!

Beauty //

We all love a good matte liquid lip, but finding the perfect formula is so hard! Well, if you've read some of my past beauty posts before, you know that I love the Pixi Beauty Matte Last Liquid Lips. Not only do they have gorgeous colors (new colors are out!!), they last all day long and they don't dry out your lips!

I've talked about a lot of the original nude colors, but recently they released some new shades that are perfect for the fall & winter. From the perfect fall nude to the deepest darkest berry color, they covered it. They even created a true red shade that will be gorgeous for Christmas time. For only $14, you can't beat it. They're honestly my favorite liquid lip and if you haven't tried them yet, you definitely need to!

Who hates taking off their makeup at night?! Hello! That would be me. It's one of my least favorite tasks aside from washing my hair. It's not that it takes too long, it's just a task I've always hated since I wear a full-face of makeup pretty much daily since I'm working seven days a week between blogging & my full-time management job. Anything that makes the makeup removal process quicker and easier, I'm all for!

Now you know that I love my Olay Daily Cleansing Facials, and they take my makeup off so well, but sometimes I like to get an extra (probably totally unnecessary) step of clean. I love using Bliss Makeup Melt to gently remove my eye makeup, especially if I do a smokey eye with liquid liner. I love that you can use it dry or wet to remove makeup and cleanse your skin.

Next up, an overnight mask. Now we've all done a face mask that you leave on for ten or so minutes, wash it off, slap moisturizer on, and head to bed. Well, this one is so totally amazing--it's an overnight mask! It smells so yummy and it helps to destress and hydrate your skin while you sleep! Coming up next week, I'll be sharing about some amazing masks from Olay, and I can't wait to tell you all about them!!

Goals //


Would taking a real day off be a goal? Whether or not it is, I'm totally making it a goal this month. I am in such a desperate need of a break that when I'm off work in the next couple of weeks, I will be sleeping in, catching up on my favorite shows, and staying in bed & relaxing all day long. I won't allow myself to check my email or even post on social media. I'm talkin' a true break--pretty much from the outside world.

Working two jobs is really starting to get to me the last couple of weeks. I've had a lot of blog campaigns and projects lately that I've taken months to prep for, so now that I'm at the end of it, I'm really starting to feel the stress and pressure to get everything finished on time. The good thing is that I can look forward to a true day off in the next couple of weeks that I refuse to do anything on.


As the holiday season approaches faster and faster, so does the blog work! My goal for this month is to stay super on top of the work that I have to do, so that I don't end up stressing as much as I am now. I need to make sure I'm planning out my work and really managing my time well so that I can get ish done!

Blogging is more than a #sidehustle to me. It's an amazing form of income for my husband and I, so I gotta make sure I'm always on my blogging A-Game! I'd love to start planning out holiday content as well.

Tell me: Do you want to see gift guides this year?! What styles are you hoping to see?! Beauty looks/products?! Let me know in the comments!

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