Welcome to our Christmas heaven! I love Christmas & I love decorating for Christmas more than any other season or holiday! There's just something about decorating a Christmas tree, adding cozy elements into a space, and gosh, I love everything that this season brings.

I was so excited to share our bedroom with you this year! It's a little bit more Christmas decor than the average person, but hey, when you pretty much live in a bedroom in your friend's house (we're saving for our own!), you add as much Christmas decor as you can...including your full-size Christmas tree. I can't wait until we can decorate an entire home, but until then, I'll just overly decorate our bedroom. ;)

I ended up pulling up our bar cart from the basement, because I missed decorating it! I feel like I've added an entire two-bedroom apartment of Christmas decor in our 200 square foot bedroom. haha! I keep thinking that when we get our own home next year, I'm not going to know what to do with all of the space since I've been so used to living in such a tiny space.

This year, I kept our tree pretty similar to how I've done it in previous years. Red plaid ribbon with red, gold, and white ornaments with a few cute ones added in--like my deer! For the topper, I also got so tired of the star falling off or leaning to one side, so I added a few greenery & Christmas findings at the top to create a topper.

Also, one last thing I'll note--if you have a fake tree, one tip to make it look super full like ours is to wrap a strand of garland around the center post where all the pieces come together. It will fill in the center, and you won't be able to see right through it anymore. I got my 6' tree at the Dollar General for around $30 and added a $6 garland, and BOOM--it looks like it was way more!

Hope you enjoyed seeing our Christmas bedroom decor! How excited are you for Christmas?!

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