Tuesday, January 22, 2019

A special thanks to Waxing the City in King of Prussia for sponsoring this post. All opinions are mine.

Last week, I took a trip to Waxing the City in King of Prussia, PA for my very first brow & lash tint ever! I'll be honest, I was super nervous days before, and I mean days before, because I had never had anyone ever touch my brows before. I've never had them waxed or even tweezed by someone else, let alone dyed! I ended up watching several youtube videos the night before just to calm my nerves, and can I tell you? It was all for nothing because it was the most amazing, anxiety-free experience ever!

In today's blog post, I'm sharing my before & after results, plus a little bit about my experience at Waxing the City!

As I walked into Waxing the City, I was immediately greeted by Tami, the owner of the KOP location! She is such a delight, and she helped calm my *silly* nerves that I had as I walked in! Within a couple of minutes, I was signed in and was introduced to Saniyyah, who is a Cerologist aka a waxing expert. All of the staff are also licensed estheticians as well, which gave me an extra layer of comfort. They really are pros!

Once we were settled into the room, Saniyyah and I chatted a bit about the color I'd prefer for my brow tint. She was truly the expert on this, because she matched my brow hair color perfectly! I was even out running errands before going into my appointment, so I had a little mascara on, and my brows were filled in, and she removed it all for me before starting!

Below is a picture of my brows and lashes before any tint! As you can see, I have a pretty great natural brow shape, but they just need a little help to stay full. I also love my lashes. My eyes are one of my favorite things about myself--lashes, too! I just wish I didn't have such hooded lids. Oh well, you win some, you lose some am I right?

As we go through this post, prepare yourself to see some really awesome & flattering angles of me. I was trying so hard not to move during the whole process, and I have such a stone cold look in literally every single picture I took. Talk about RBF. 😂 Below is me mid-process of the brow tint. The tint is on and working its magic, and Saniyyah shaped and filled my brows to perfection! I just love how full they look.

Now you can see my brows are tinted and look 110% better! The tint is a semi-permanent dye that will last about three weeks. I'm talkin' maintenance free brows for three whole weeks! It doesn't get much better than that. Filling in my brows every morning is such a hassle, and it feels good to know that I'm waking up with full, shaped brows.

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This next pic also shows me mid-lash tint. I was so curious about what it looked like during this part of the process, so Saniyyah snapped a pic for me! I was so nervous about this part, because I was paranoid that the dye was going to get in my eye or that my eyes would just water the whole time since I have super sensitive eyes. Well, no dye in the eye and my eyes only watered once--cause well, I'm a sissy. haha!

The lash tint will also be a semi-permanent dye, and it will last about six weeks! Though it doesn't technically add length to your lashes, they will look so much longer, because they will be more defined from root to tip. I already have super dark lashes, so it didn't darken them too much, but it did help define them much more.

If you have blonde, red, or even light brown hair, a lash tint would be so amazing for you, because it would really help define your light lashes!

I seriously cannot believe the results! I am so impressed with my whole overall experience. From my results to first 10/10 first impressions and customer service from everyone I met, I am 110% hooked!

As soon as I got home, I touched up my concealer and the makeup that was wiped away from the tinting process, and just had to take a pic for you guys. My brows have absolutely no product in them--that's all my natural brows with a little help from the tint! My lashes are all mine, too! I just added a little liner. 

Waxing the City also sells their own beauty/skincare products, too! From body butters to facial cleansers, you can find it all right there in-store.

If you're in the Philadephia area, you've got to try out Waxing the City! They do everything from waxing to tinting. You can check out all of the services they offer by clicking here!
If you head on over, be sure to mention that Kristen from A Classy Fashionista sent you. Not only will you get 50% off your first service, you'll also give ya girl $5 towards my next service.

Have you ever been to Waxing the City?
Have you ever had a brow or lash tint?!

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