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Well, the cat's out of the bag, (literally in this post, because Lilly is here to help!) and we have officially announced the best news ever--we are building our first home!! If you've been wondering why it's been quiet on the blog lately, that's why! I had no idea how much goes into actually buying a home, let alone building one.

Since I'm on a kick of all-things-home this week, I wanted to share a few ways with you that can help save a little extra $$$ on your monthly home expenses. Let's face it--we all have to have certain things nowadays. Everything from our cell phones, TV, and internet are all pretty much must-haves. Well, if you have to have them, you might as well save a little money on them, right?! That's what I'll be sharing today, so keep reading if you want to save a little extra cash each month.

Downgrade your internet provider

First things first, your internet. If you're anything like me, you need your internet to always work, and be fast, too. There's nothing worse than your browser taking fifty years to load. When we had our apartment, I had the fastest internet that I could get in my area, but come to find out, I wasn't actually getting the speed that I paid for because of my router!

I would check with your internet provider that you are truly getting your money's worth in your internet plan. You might come to find that you can downgrade your plan a little, because the difference in the top-speed internet (which was over $130!) performed just the same as the $50 package. That's over $80 of savings right there just from downgrading your plan.

Something else that you can do to save a little extra cash each month is to purchase your own router vs renting it from your provider each month. Ours was charging over $10/month, and a good router is about $100 or so. This means that in less time than your contract, you would have paid for a router in itself. It's better to have your own that you can keep year after year.

Give Orby TV a try!

If you've never heard of Orby TV before, it's a no contract, no-strings-attached, quality Satellite Television service. It's truly the dream of all TV services. You can choose different packages, but the basic package is only $40 a month with taxes and fees included--that's not an intro rate! Within that $40, you get all of your local channels, plus other channels like Discovery, HGTV, TLC, Food Network, and more! When I first saw the channel line up for only $40, I couldn't believe it.

They do have other packages and add-ons that you can check out here! In all honesty, the basic $40/month package has everything you could ever want to watch. It's also really great, because there is no high-speed internet needed like you would normally need to have with streaming services. So, if you downgrade your internet a little (or only have mobile!) to save some $$$, it won't affect your TV!

When you first sign up for Orby TV, you do need to buy your equipment and get it installed, but then you own it, so there are no pesky rental fees! With your monthly rate being so low, the equipment will pay for themselves within the first few months leaving you with extra $$$ each month once again!

My favorite feature of Orby TV is that once you have your equipment installed, you will always get your local channels for free--even if you decided not to pay for a package of channels. If you find yourself in a $$$ pinch one month, you can easily turn off your package of channels, and then turn it back on. There are no reactivation fees, no termination fees, just the easy convenience of choosing your TV channels in the palm of your hand through an easy to use app.

If you're ready to save $$$ each month on your cable bill, make the switch to Orby TV and check out their plans and pricing here!

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Unplug unused electronics

It may seem like a no brainer, but unplug those unused electronics, lamps, power strips, etc. You don't realize how much extra electricity you are using until you unplug them! Even if it's just an extra five to ten dollars month, that money starts to add up, and can make a huge difference when you're trying to stick to a budget, pay off loans, or save for big purchases.

Use a coupon app

Raise your hand if you're attached to your phone 24/7. 🙋Well, it's time to put your phone to good use, and get it to save you some money! For me, I love to use apps for stores that provide different coupons each week. I use Giant's app to plan out my grocery list, plus it allows me to see everything that is on sale and has a coupon. Sometimes when I plan out my grocery shopping, I can have an item on sale for half the price and use a dollar off coupon to save even more money.

When I head to Target, I make sure I use their cartwheel app for literally everything. I've saved hundreds of dollars by simply using an app. These apps take hardly any time to go through and select your coupons--I'm taking five minutes or less before a grocery or shopping trip, and you can save so much money. Just download, click, scan, and save!

Cook at home & pack your lunch

This is probably my least favorite sacrifice that we've had to make over the past year, and even more so now than before! I love, love eating out, but is it really worth spending $25-$30 going out to a fast food burrito place each week when we could make it ourselves at home for $5?! It just doesn't make sense, and when we stopped eating out as much, we realized how much money we were truly saving! Don't get me wrong, you can still splurge a little and go out every once in a while, but save it for special occasions or for a night that you budget to go out.

Well, there ya have it! Five ways to save extra $$$ each and every month. You just have to let me know if you decide to give Orby TV a try! I've chatted with some of you already, and you're loving it!

What are some ways you save $$$ on your monthly home expenses?!

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