Thursday, March 21, 2019

As a beauty blogger babe, I can talk all day long about my beauty favorites, the new products I've tried lately, and the new products I've been sent in PR, but today, I want to share the products that I have repurchased within the last couple of months. You've probably heard me talk about them a million times because I love them so much, but for all my amazing new readers, these are my must-have beauty products of all time!

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This primer gives me life. It helps my makeup last all day long, and it's perfect for my combination skin. I see a noticeable difference in the longevity and smoothness of my makeup when I use it vs when I don't.

If you haven't heard of this concealer, you've been seriously missing out. It's my go-to for all things--from the dark circles under my eye, blemishes, or if I'm needing a bit more coverage on my cheeks (hello rosacea) it does the trick. I love that it's a full-coverage formula without feeling too heavy or cakey.

If you love a good summertime glow year-round, then this will be your tanning bestie. It leaves no streaks and doesn't wear off funny aka no scaly skin. It literally just fades away for me.

If you've been looking for a dupe to the Anastasia brow pencil, here it is! This brow pencil is under $10 and seriously gives me perfect brows every time. It has a super fine tip so that you can literally draw in brow hairs to make your brows look naturally full.

For a little over six months now, this has been my go-to setting powder. It's literally $8 and works just as good if not better than most high-end setting powders. I think it's technically meant to go under the eye to brighten, but I use it to set my entire face because it helps give my makeup the most natural, flawless finish.

I have been raving about Olay Whips for months and months. Everyone always asks what my makeup secret is for long-lasting makeup, and this is all where it starts. Your skincare is seriously the #1 thing that will make a difference in the way your makeup applies to your skin and ultimately how it will look throughout the day. Olay Whips with SPF is my favorite, because your girl always, always wears SPF on her face and you should, too!

As we're heading into the warmer months, you might start to see a slight change in your skin's pH, meaning you might start to feel a little more oily--especially in your t-zone. That's already started for me, and just last weekend, Chris and I went to a wedding and I used this to set my makeup, and it was flawless all day & night--even through dancing!

This is my foundation love--forever and ever. I have been wearing it for years, and always find myself drawn back to it no matter what product I try. It gives the most natural full-coverage and looks like skin. Often times at work, my clients don't even realize I'm wearing foundation because of how seamless and flawless it blends into your skin. I highly recommend it--plus it has 50 SPF!

Raise your hand if your hair becomes lifeless after like 5 min. 🙋 Literally, me right now since I'm on day 5 hair and I was too lazy to fix my hair is hidden under a hat. Well, y'all have to try this hair miracle worker. It gives your hair texture and volume and helps your hair look voluminous all day long!

I get asked all the time if my lashes are real or fake. They are 100% real, and it's because of this mascara and this primer that they always look so fluffy and long! This mascara lasts all day, and has been a go-to for years now!

There ya have it--my must-have beauty products of all-time. I swear by these products, and I hope you'll love them as much as I do!

Do you use any of these products? Which are your favorites!?

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