We've made it halfway through the week, friends! It's definitely going to be a busy usual! I was off work today, but of course, I spent most of the day working on blog posts and creating amazing content for you! I did sleep in a bit today, which felt amazing and snuggled my Lilly bear, but after that, it was time to get writing and prepped for a photoshoot!

This swiss dot wrap top is 40% off today!! It's so gorgeous for springtime and it can be worn casual or dressed up with white denim or white trousers. I love the mini cap sleeve, and the tie gives you the perfect sinched waistline. It's a definite must-have top if you love your pieces to go from wear-to-work to casual!

In addition to sharing this top, I wanted to share a little bit about what's been going on lately in life. We are now officially in the double digits for our house countdown!! Only about 99 more days until we'll be getting the keys to our new home! In case you've missed our announcement, we're building our very first home, and it will be ready for us late July.

We ended up heading to our homesite last night to peek at the progress, and we should have framing and a roof completed in the next week or two! It's crazy to believe how fast it's all coming together. When we drove by a few weeks ago, it was just flat land, and now as of last night, we already have a third-floor wall up!

It's so fun to see each wall go up, and if I'm being honest, I'm stalking all of the other homes around us to see what upgrades they did. haha! When we first saw our foundation, we're like oh, this is small...then as soon as the framing went up, we're like oh,'s huge! Framing makes all the difference, and I can hardly wait until our framing walk-through to walk into our home for the first time! It's one thing to be close to it on the sidewalk, but to be actually in our house is going to be crazy!!

I wanted to ask you guys...Do you want to see house updates? Furniture purchases? Decor purchases? Let me know!! We've already started to purchase some of our rugs and our new bed will be delivered to the house we're in this Friday! We weren't going to get a lot of furniture and decor before we officially moved in, but Wayfair was having an amazing sale on things we already knew we wanted so we couldn't resist the $$$ savings. It's nice because we have tons of storage in the basement of the house we're in currently, so as deals pop up, we're ordering away.

The last thing I want to say about our house is one of the most meaningful parts of our home building journey. When we go to our framing walkthrough in the upcoming weeks, I want to bring a permanent marker and write our favorite scripture verses on the framing throughout the house. I want our home to literally be built and blessed from the inside out. This is the home we will be for the next ten to fifteen years--maybe more, we're going to be raising our future children in this home, and creating many memories, and I want God to be the center of it all. If you have any verses you'd suggest, leave them in the comments below!

Alrighty, friends, that's it for today. I hope you have an amazing rest of your week! 

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