Apr 10, 2019

Happy #WearToWorkWednesday friends! I'm off work on this glorious day, but I'm about to head out with a friend to get our nails done, have a little girl time, and I'm sure we'll somehow end up at Starbucks for coffee.

I have been wanting to post more work outfit inspiration for y'all, so here's to firsts! Now I know that if you work in an office or corporate setting, you might not be able to wear shorts and a blazer, but if you have casual Friday's try it out--or just scroll through for some outfit inspiration for date night!

I've been obsessed with the shorts and matching blazer combo, and these shorts do have the matching blazer! I've gone back and forth between ordering it since it's not sold in stores near me in petite. You'll have to let me know if you think I should get it or keep it paired with the pink blazer.

 These pinstripe linen shorts are so comfy, and the bow tie is my favorite part! They're also the perfect in between white/cream color so you can wear it with either. I have on a cream scalloped cami, but if I want to go a little more casual, I might pair them with a white tee. I feel like that outfit would be darling at the beach.

My blazer is old, but you can find a pink blazer so many places (I have one linked below!)...honestly, any pop of color would be the perfect pair with these shorts, but I'm a pink girl, so I went with pink! The studded sandals are my all-time favorite ever. I got them a couple weeks ago, and I have been wearing them non-stop. They are so comfy and really easy to walk in.

Fun fact: I had to shoot this outfit on two different days at three different locations, because the wind was not giving up...hence why my hair looks different and there's different backgrounds. Shout out to my coworkers for the shot on the sidewalk. haha! My husband and I tried so hard to get a full outfit post for y'all, but the wind and weather were not on our side this past week.

So, there ya have it--my first #WearToWorkWednesday outfit inspiration. As I start to build up my more professional looking clothing, I'll be posting these more!

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