It's the heart of wedding season, and my heart couldn't be happier. My sister is getting married at the end of this summer, and so I'm in the stages of planning her bridal shower right now. I love all things weddings, and with helping her plan details for hers, it's constantly got me down memory lane, and thinking of mine!

For today's blog post, I want to share some of my favorite decor pieces and items I purchased for our wedding. I'm talking everything from budget-friendly tablecloths (don't rent them!!) to all the essentials for perfect DIY wedding flowers.

Weddings can be super expensive, but they don't have to be! Don't get yourself into loads of debt over florist fees and high rental fees for things that you can do yourself for way cheaper. Plus, for me personally, all of the DIY projects created lasting memories with my family, and it will be something I'll never forget.

Tables & Decor

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Bouquet Holder and/or Card Holder
Champagne Sequin Table Runner
Love is Sweet Banner
Drink Tubs

I ordered all of our tablecloths for less than half of what companies wanted to charge us to rent them! Some of them that were on the food tables, we were able to throw away, and the rest we kept or donated. I think total, we only spent about $120 on tablecloths and they were such high-quality, too! Having real cloth tablecloths made our wedding feel elegant without the hefty price tag.

The bouquet holder is something I've talked about a few times here on the blog. If you want to see more details on that, check out this post that shares how I preserved my wedding bouquet!

The sequin table runner was the perfect addition to our dessert table, and the love is sweet banner made for darling decor on the barn wall.

DIY Flowers
Israeli Ruscus
Light Pink Roses
White Roses
Garden Roses
White Stock Filler

If you've ever wanted to save thousands, and I mean thousands of dollars on your wedding, make your own wedding bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres. We only spent about $450 on our wedding flowers and were able to create gorgeous centerpieces, lasting memories, and best of all, saved so much money.

Below are links to all of the items I used to help create my bouquets, boutonnieres, and the arch we stood under during the ceremony.

Corsage Pins
Floral Tape 
Straight Floral Picks
Faux Ivy (used to wrap arch pole)
Oasis Netted Floral Foam

Favors & Sparkler Send-Off
Let Love Grow Wedding Favors

Okay, now for the ending. Our favors and sparklers. The favors were custom made from Etsy, and I linked the shop above.

Our sparkler send-off was one of the most magical moments of the wedding. It was so much fun and made for some gorgeous wedding shots. I am so glad we purchased the sparklers that we did. They burned so well and are longer than normal so that you don't get hit with sparks. They also burn out on their own as they get to the end of the stick.

If y'all ever have questions where something was from, I'll do my best to dig it up for you! You already know I had it in my Excel document. ;) Now, go get to planning your wedding on a budget!

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