Monday, May 20, 2019

One of my favorite things to do on my weekends off from work is finding local coffee shops that have amazing iced chai tea and of course, cute backdrops for photos. Chris and I haven't had much time off together, because for the last couple of months I hadn't had a real weekend off. I had a weekend day off here and there, but this past weekend, I was off Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday. It was amazing, and so needed.

Chris was actually the one to find this hidden gem, and I'm obsessed with it. It's not too far from us, maybe thirty minutes, so it's the perfect distance for a coffee date on a beautiful spring/summer day. One thing that I love, love about this coffee shop is that there was room to breathe inside. You know how most coffee shops are so tight and small and you end up bumping into everyone?! Well, this coffee shop was huge and filled with so many people. It's definitely the talk of the town, and I can't believe we hadn't been there before!

Since it was the perfect spring day (finally!), I wore my new romper (playsuit) from Chicwish. I am so thankful they sent this one to me, because it is adorable on and perfect for those warm/cool spring days. It's also lined inside along the shorts and body, which makes it even better! It also has a bow that you can tie in the front or in the back. I opted to tie it in the back for a less dramatic look, however, it looks cute either way!

If you're headed on vacay and are looking for a cute romper to take with you, this is definitely one I'd recommend! Also,  something that is a huge selling point to me personally is that it hardly wrinkles at all! I literally pulled it out of the package in a rush (like always!) and it looked perfect, and I could wear it right then.

I can't wait to get more pieces from Chicwish. I have a couple more outfits that I'll be sharing with you soon!

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