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Periods are the absolute worst. They're painful, they make you bloated, feel unattractive, you eat all the food in sight, and then to top it all off, it destroys your perfect complexion. My emotions are always all over the place before, during, and after my period (thanks, hormones), so I'm not really a fan of any of it.

I tend to get really sad and feel like I can't get anything done, but today, I want to chat about how we're (yes, you & me!) are going to break the habit of feeling down and embrace this week we all must endure. We are no less powerful, successful, determined, or confident in ourselves, our work, or our dreams, just because we have our periods.

Today, I want to chat with you ladies about five ways to boost your self-confidence during your period. I know that I'll be taking my own advice on this one. Alright ladies, let's do this!

One // Wear an outfit that makes you feel powerful

It sounds like something so basic, but an outfit that makes you feel powerful & confident makes a huge difference. Don't put on your favorite pair of sweats, they're not doing you any good. Go on girl, head to class, work, or your local coffee shop in your power suit. Whether it's a blazer and denim, your new favorite top, or that springtime floral dress you've been dying to wear, put it on, get your head up, and go make yourself proud.

Two // Be kind to yourself

Repeat after me: "I am smart, I am successful, and I am loved..." Always, always be kind to yourself. You're doing the best you can. During your period, you might feel a little down, tired, drained, and not feeling up to speed, and that's okay. Give yourself a little grace. Sometimes it's a day, sometimes two, but you'll be back to 100% soon.

Three // Stock up on Summer's Eve®️ FreshCycle™ products

During your period, or on any day, you always want to feel your freshest down there. Women say they feel less fresh during their period, and Summer's Eve®️ FreshCycle is here to help. With patented technology, these products are formulated to help keep you feeling fresh--especially with their light, fresh scent! They are all gynecologist-tested and pH balanced as it should be. Summer's Eve®️ FreshCycle™ products are also free from dyes, alcohol & parabens, and are also cruelty-free.

Before I dive into the products, I just have to say a few things...a mini pep talk if you will. Don't let any weird stares or awkward feelings keep you away from the feminine aisle. It's already so hard and yes, sometimes awkward to walk down that aisle, because most people assume if you're not buying tampons, something must be wrong with you. Well, ladies, that is not the case. You're taking care of your body, and don't let anyone shame you into thinking that's weird or wrong. To use cleansing products doesn't mean that you have a problem down there or that you're dirty and gross. It simply means you want to feel your freshest, and during your period (or any day for that matter!), feeling a little extra fresh can make a huge difference!

There are three products I'm going to share with you. They're all quick, easy, and convenient so that you can get your confident self back to doing what you love. First, let's chat about Summer's Eve®️ FreshCycle™ Cleansing Cloths, which are formulated to safely wipe away odor-causing bacteria, whether during your period or any day. To add to their convenience, they are flush friendly™* and lightly scented so you can get a fresh boost of freshness whenever and wherever you need it! They come in a pack of 24, so you can either bring them with you or keep them in your bathroom.

One of my favorite products is the Summer's Eve®️ FreshCycle™ Individually Wrapped Cloths. These Cleansing Cloths are specifically formulated for your period and are Flush Friendly™*. *refer to product label for flushing instructions. I love that they are individually wrapped, which means they are perfect if you are always on-the-go! They are wrapped small enough to keep in your handbag, gym bag, or even your makeup bag for quick and easy convenience. They offer a discreet boost of freshness from home to the gym, and everywhere in between.

My third product that is definitely a must-have is the Summer's Eve®️ FreshCycle™ No-Rise Cleansing Foam. That less-than-fresh feeling doesn't always wait for when you have time to hop in the shower. We all have busy lives--whether we're running from work, to the gym, and then home to cook dinner, clean, and then finally get a shower and go to bed. Or maybe, you have an all-day class schedule and have all of five minutes to head back to your dorm, you can still stay fresh--even on a time crunch. Simply add one to two pumps of no-rinse foam to a few sheets of folded toilet paper and cleanse. There's no need to rinse! It's the perfect way to pump up your freshness when you need it the most.

Four // Know you're beautiful

Girlfriend, you are beautifully and wonderfully made. Whether the world recognizes your beauty or not, everything that you think is a flaw is perfectly beautiful. But beauty isn't just about what's on the outside, it's what's on the inside that really counts. You have a beautiful heart, soul, and mind. You are sweet, loved, and you are beautiful in all you are. If you talk these words over yourself, no matter how much you might not believe them right now, I promise, you will one day, and I hope that day is today.

Five // Celebrate all that makes you unique

We are all made to do different, yet equally amazing things. It's time to celebrate all that makes you who you are. Not one of us is alike--from the way we look to the way we think, we're all different, and I think that's amazing. Be confident in who you are and celebrate that.

"So, in all that you do, stay classy, stay positive, and love the life you live. The world is at your fingertips, darling." -KMJ-

Have you tried any of these amazing products from Summer's Eve®️ FreshCycle™?! I'd love to hear about your experience!

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