May 23, 2019

Hello, gorgeous ladies!! If you're stopping by the blog, today is the perfect day for those that have hooded eyes...aka you have hardly any lid showing when you open your eyes. I love, love my eyes, but my lack of lid space always makes me so sad.

Well, today, I'll be sharing my top fav makeup products that I use to help open & brighten my eyes. These products will also help if you've lost a little sleep and need to look wide awake! Alright, let's jump right in.

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Below I linked all of the products I used to create my eye look!

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Say hello to my iPhone selfies, because I was in a rush and couldn't wait for Chris to take a "before" photo. haha! Here are my before photos so that you can see what my hooded eyes look like without any makeup. I also don't have my brows filled in yet, either. I hate the creases in my eyes because I feel like they fold over funny and don't allow my makeup to be as pretty as it should be. BUT, I'll help you overcome that today, and share those steps & products to combat that!

Okay, the first step, fill in those brows! For the past month or so, I've been using the Rimmel Brow This Way brow pencil, and I've loved it! I got it in a PR package, and it reminds me of the Anastasia brow pencil, but for a fraction of the cost. It goes on super smooth and creamy, and that makes it super easy to blend.

Once your brows are done, set them with your favorite brow gel--(mine is $2!! Check it out here!) 

Next is your eye shadows. I didn't like what palette I used, because half of the time I use a million at once and just mix it all together. All you need is your favorite palette that has neutral colors and a shimmer shadow for the lid.

I'll take a medium brow and use that as a transition color in my crease. This helps to deepen the lid and create the illusion that my crease is deeper than it really is.

Then, take an even darker brown, and you'll blend this in your outer corner. Once most of the darker share is off your brush, blend it into your crease for a seamless look.

Lastly, take that shimmer shade (I have hazel eyes, so I look for pink/purple shimmer shades) and place that on your lid. Then, take either your highlight or a light shimmer shade and place that in your inner corner and under your brow.

Now for your lower lash line--mix both the lighter and darker brown shades together and blend that on your lower lash line. This will help give a little definition to your undereye. Whenever I don't do this step, I feel like my eyes look more tired and less awake.

Time for some eyeliner! I only use my eyeliner on the top lid. I don't do it in the lower lash line or even tight line. Personally, I feel like it really closes up the eye if you have hooded eyes, so I don't recommend it. I've been using the Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner and it's been working better than my expensive liner! It doesn't get below my eye and create a hot mess. It stays put, and doesn't budge--even on super hot days!

If I feel I need more eye brightness, I'll use the Trish McEvoy Eye Brightener in my lower waterline to add an extra pop. It's a creamy, shell shade that is made solely to brighten your eyes and brow line.

Moving onto lashes--if you haven't seen me share about the Loreal Voluminous Lash Primer before, you need to run to your nearest drugstore or Ulta Beauty and grab it now. I swear, it's life-changing. Not to sound vain, but I get tons of compliments on my lashes, and it's all because of this primer. No matter what mascara I use, it always makes them look fuller & longer.

For this look, I used two different mascaras I've been testing out and loving over the past couple of months. For years, I was loyal to the Too Faced BTS mascara, but I recently ran out and decided to use up some of the samples I received from Ulta Beauty.

I got the IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara & Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara and I really love the way they work together. Of course, you can just use the one in conjunction with the primer, but I'm a little extra, and like the falsies without wearing falsies look. When I'm combining the two together, I start with the IT Cosmetics Superhero since it has a finer brush to it. The Lancome mascara has a super fluffy brush which helps add a little extra volume and length. 

Prepare for some selfie looks again. haha!

I wanted to include the unedited selfie pics because I feel like it really gives you the chance to see the makeup colors and the way it looks in real life versus with a filter + edits.

There ya have it! Was this helpful for you?!

Let me know if you'd like to see a mini video tutorial.
I can see if I can record one in the upcoming weeks!

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