Thursday, June 13, 2019

This past Sunday, I was honored to be part of the selected influencers to go to QVC Beauty Bash at the Fillmore in Philadelphia! It was such an unbelievable time, and I got to meet and chat with some of the most amazing women & men in the beauty industry.

When you think about Beauty Bash, think beauty convention with gorgeous booths and photo ops, inspirational moments, keynote speakers with some of your favorite brand creators, and the most amazing swag bag you could ever dream of.

I was able to bring a guest, so I brought my friend Melissa with me because if there was one other person on this planet that loved beauty products as much as I do, it would be her. The first thing we did after getting our wristbands in will call was to scope out the venue for our favorite beauty gurus.

The very first I saw was the gorgeous Mally Roncal--the creator of Mally Beauty. I have had the opportunity to meet her a few times before, and it was so much fun to get another picture with her and chat with her for just a second. She is such an amazing person and she fixed my hair before the picture. I repeat: the woman who does Beyonce's makeup fixed my hair. haha!

One of my favorite parts of the event aside from being so close to the best in the industry was being able to go through each brand's booth and learn more about their brand and products. Some of the brands were offering quick makeup and hair touchups, and others were sharing their newest and not yet released products yet!! bareMinerals has a gorgeous new palette coming out in July, and I can't wait to get it when it launches! I so wish that I had taken a picture of it!!

Melissa and I sat in on Maria McCool's session (Calista Hair Tools & Salon), and it was really inspirational to hear her story on how she got started in beauty at a very young age. Just like she did, I had people at a very young age telling me that caring about beauty products and fashion was going to be a waste of time and that I should focus on something more I got myself a college degree (thankfully, I got a business degree!), but all too often parent's, mentors, and guidance counselors try to steer young women away from their dreams. Yes, we should always have a smart goal in mind to make a living, but if beauty or fashion is your passion (haha!), go for it, girl!

Most of these "famous" and well-known beauty gurus started at the bottom and worked their butts off to get to where they are today. It's not an easy task--late nights, endless work, little reward in the beginning, but what I've noticed they all end up saying, is that the work they put in was worth it.

After we listened in on Maria's session, we were ready to head out and chat with more brands, test more products, and of course, grab a mimosa! Some of the booths had fun games to win more products than what was in the swag bags, and I cannot tell you how many full-size products of things I already love and use that I got! It was honestly beauty heaven.

I really hope they choose to have another Beauty Bash next year because you know your girl will be there!! Be sure to follow along with me on Instagram & the blog, because in the next week or so, I'll be sharing all of my beauty favorites that I received in my swag bag, plus, I want to give away some of my favs to you, because without you, I wouldn't have had such an amazing opportunity to go to Beauty Bash.

Did you go to Beauty Bash this year?! Do you want to go next year?!

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