A week ago, I had the opportunity to get lash extensions for free! I won them in a giveaway since the lash location is relatively new. They opened up in February, so they were trying to get some interest & let local peeps know that they were there!

Of course, I was so, so excited to have won the giveaway, so I booked my appointment for the very next day. I wanted to document my experience every step of the way, so I took before & after shots. I wish that I was able to have gotten during shots, but when your eyes are being beautified, you can't really use your phone. haha!

Lash Lounge Lash Extensions

In today's post, I want to share with you my experience from start to finish, before & after, and how I feel about them a week later. I know a lot of other bloggers dedicate a huge portion of their monthly budget to their lashes and others simply can't. It's definitely an investment, but let's weigh out the pros and cons.

Upon arriving at The Lash Lounge, I took my makeup off my eyes to clean my lashes, remove all of my mascara, and clean my lashes 100% so that the medical grade lash glue will be able to stick to my natural lashes. Once my makeup was removed, it was time for the before photos! Promise you won't judge my before & after photos. They take them so close, and I'm awkward, so say hello to the most up close & awkward photos you'll ever see!

Before //

Lash Extensions Before

Lash Extensions Before

As you can see, I have naturally dark lashes, but they are short and lack volume. That's something that I wish that I had, so when I sat down for my lash consultation, we went over my wishes and how I wanted them to look. I opted to go with a more voluminous lash vs. natural, because I wanted to really see a difference when it came to the end result.

After the consultation, my stylist and I decided to go for a C curl and a hybrid style. This means that I would have a mix of single lashes and volume style lashes. Volume style lashes are finer, but there are three lashes combined onto one natural lash. The hybrid method is personally my favorite, because it helps to give a fuller look on the outer edge of your eye, while the classic method is focused on the inner corner to just give a little volume and length. It's the best of both worlds and was able to provide the exact look I wanted. I also have on mink lashes, which have a dark semi-gloss finish.

Your stylist will also apply different length lashes. The longest lashes I got were considered a 14, and those were in the outer edge of my lashes. She also applied smaller sizes as she went back towards the inner corner of my eye. Your stylist will do this to keep a natural-looking shape to your lashes, and also to help with volume. I love how my stylist gradually used longer lashes towards my outer eye to create a cat eye illusion--I can totally fake that bright-eyed look, now!

During //

While you're getting your lashes done, they will first prep & cleanse them with a saline solution, which is the weirdest feeling ever, because it feels like your eyes are drowning. haha! Next, your stylist will apply lash guards on your lower lash line.

News Flash: This was my least favorite part--especially getting them taken off because they're essentially a sticker. My eyes watered so bad after--I felt like such a sissy. haha! 

Once your lash guards are in place, it's time for your stylist to get to work and for you to take a lash nap! For the first few minutes, I talked to my stylist, but in order for her to focus, I just let her do her thing. A lot of people get bored just laying there since it does take about an hour, but honestly, for me, it was amazing to relax and do nothing for an entire hour. The girl at the station next to me brought headphones, so if you want to listen to music or a podcast, definitely bring those!

Every twenty minutes, the medical grade lash glue has to get changed, so if you hear your stylist's phone going off, they're totally not ignoring you or goofing off. They're getting new glue so that it's perfectly fresh for the next twenty minutes of your application.

I kept feeling myself doze off every once in a while, and honestly, if I wasn't so nervous about having it done for the first time, I would have fallen asleep. Now looking back, I have no idea why I was even nervous in the first place! It didn't hurt one bit and I not once had an allergic reaction or was itchy due to the adhesive or lashes. I have super sensitive eyes and very watery eyes, and they not once were affected. In fact, since I haven't been wearing mascara (other than my lower lashes), my eyes have been watering less!

After //

Okay, now it's time for the big reveal!
Drum roll, please!

Lash Extension After

Lash Extension After

I mean holy difference am I right?! It seriously looks so amazing!! Here I don't have on any eye makeup, so my eyelids look a little dark. If you look at the photo with my eyes closed, you can see that my lashes are significantly longer towards the outer edge and taper as they go towards my inner corner. With my eyes opened, it looks like I have on lash primer and three coats or mascara without the clumps!

For aftercare, my stylist provided me with two clean spoolies to use to separate my lash extensions--especially after showering. Another pro-tips is you cannot use any makeup or beauty products that contain oil on or around your eyes. This will cause your lash extensions to come off. Also, keep in mind that your lash extensions are faux and they will melt if you get too close to the oven. So ladies, be careful when reaching in for that delish cake--don't melt off your lashes. haha! You will also want to make sure you do not get your eyes or extensions wet for 8 hours to allow the adhesive to fully set.

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Overall Thoughts //

I would 100% recommend them if and only if you are willing to pay the $$$ to keep up with them or you are planning to get them for a special event. If you are a bride or in a wedding party this summer, I highly recommend getting them for that day! I love that I haven't had makeup down my under eyes due to the heat. They also provide a gorgeous lash that is maintenance free for weeks!

I will say, I have felt prettier with them, because they help my eyes look more awake, and I've worn less eye makeup since I have had them. They're a total confidence booster for me, and it might be what keeps me hooked on them.

Lash Extension Before and After

Since your lash extensions adhere to your natural lash, your lash extensions will fall out with your natural lash, so don't be alarmed if one or two fall out each day. It's nothing to worry about, and it won't affect the overall look. You actually lose about 20% of your lashes each week! My stylist recommended getting a refill after 2 weeks, but I'm going to see what it's like after 3 weeks. I'm just curious to see how they will look since I've never had them before and my sister is getting married in August, so I would really love to stretch it out and get a refill right before her wedding. We're still in $$$ savings mode with our house closing date quickly approaching, so I'm splurging very cautiously.

Each salon will charge different prices based on where you are in the country, but my lash salon currently is offering a classic full set for only $129! It's $146 in savings, and is worth it for a special event or wedding! You can also upgrade for a small fee to a hybrid or volume lash set.

If you are in the Philadelphia area, I highly recommend going to The Lash Lounge in Paoli. Kathy did my lashes, and she was amazing! Be sure to mention my that Kristen from A Classy Fashionista sent you because we'll both get $$$ off our next appointments!

Feel free to leave any questions you have for me in the comments!

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