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Summertime has officially come to an end. The temperature is dropping, coffee shops are bringing out Pumpkin Spice Lattes and I got a pumpkin donut today--I've never been happier. With summer coming to an end, there are so many changes happening for us all. Kiddos are going back to school, the holidays are coming for this retail manager, and we're moving in just three short weeks!

Once we officially got our settlement date at the beginning of this week, I started ordering tons of things from my Wayfair wish list. So far, my gorgeous new Keurig K-Cafe, new place settings, a few rugs, chandeliers, and counter stools have arrived. It's so fun to go through and hand-pick our decor all from the comfort of our home.

In today's post, I wanted to share with you our coffee corner essentials that I ordered from my favorite place on earth: Wayfair. I am 110% obsessed, and I can't wait to style it in our new kitchen! I wanted to be able to share these essentials with you as soon as I got them and I just couldn't wait until we got our new kitchen, but if you just visualize it in an all-white kitchen with white marbled quartz countertops, that's what it's going to look like. I'll definitely be updating this post with a few pictures in a month or so just so that you can see our coffee corner essentials in their forever home haha!

Since it's also the start of a busy season, I feel like every coffee lover needs a place in their home for a coffee corner. It's the perfect place to head to when you need to ease into a busy day.

First thing you need in a coffee corner is a coffee maker! We've had a Keurig before, but I'm more of a latte drinker, so I hardly ever would make coffee at home...until the Keurig K-Cafe came along. It's a coffee maker and latte & cappuccino maker all in one.

I felt so fancy making my latte at home and it tasted amazing! The Keurig K-Cafe works just like a traditional Keurig, but it has a few more functions. You can even add a coffee shot for specialty drinks. The frother heats up and froths your choice of milk in just three minutes. It has different milk measurements for a latte or cappuccino so that you always have the perfect amount for your drink.

Another thing you need in your coffee corner is a huge coffee mug and plate for your morning pastry. I'm obsessed with mugs and when we unpack everything in a few weeks, I'll be able to see how much of a mug addict I really am. I ended up ordering a new 16-Piece Dinnerware set that came with four dinner plates, four salad plates, four over-sized bowls, and four over-sized coffee mugs.

When I first saw the coffee mugs and bowls, I was a little surprised with how big they were, but when I used the mug for the first time, I just loved it! Chris compared the bowls and mugs to Panera sized--perfectly oversized. They're also a matte ceramic, which I thought was super unique and would fit our modern farmhouse vibes.

Next up, you need a cute kitchen towel! I am my mother's daughter because anytime I see a cute kitchen towel, I have to get it! I have them for every season and holiday, and Wayfair has such an amazing selection. My favorite is this one here which looks identical to the one I have from a few years ago.

The last thing you need is a place to store all of your K-Cups! Personally, I don't like the metal stands you're supposed to put them in, and since we're currently a little limited on counter space in the house we're renting, we just have our K-Cups in a clear container in the cabinet. When we move into our new home, I have the adorable coffee canister you see in this post! I had been wanting this coffee canister for a year now, so I splurged and bought it. Since it's not from Wayfair unfortunately, here's a couple of look-a-likes/other options here and here!

If you're looking to refresh your home and haven't looked on Wayfair yet, you gotta check it out! I shared this post last week: Kitchen Essentials Wishlist!

What items are on your coffee corner essentials wishlist?!

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