It's been almost a month since my sister got married, which means that a month ago, we were DIYing her flowers and decor! It was so great to be in my hometown & spend time with family and play such a huge part in helping my sister prep for her big day.

For our wedding, my mom, sister, and I did most of the decor ourselves as well. It's just something that I loved doing, and I wanted to help my sister do the same for her wedding. Plus, did I mention it literally saves thousands of dollars?! Just like I did, my sister ordered her flowers in bulk from Sam's Club, and they came a few days before her wedding so that we would have time to assemble the bouquets and for the flowers to open & bloom.

DIY Bouquet //

My sister and I always had a thing for fall weddings, yet neither of us were able to get married in the fall. She was smart and added in fall florals to her bouquets which gave them more of a fall vibe.

Let's start first with a bouquet!

Flowers Needed:
White Roses
Pink Roses
Israeli Ruscus
Pink Garden Roses
Babies Breath
White Cremons

Extra Supplies:
Floral Tape
Ribbon or Lace
Glue Gun
Pearl Floral Pins

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Before starting any bouquet or boutonniere, be sure to remove all guard petals from your roses. These will be the dull/brown petals on the outer rim that florists will ship flowers with to keep them from being damaged during travel.

One //

Gather 3 stems of white roses and 3 stems of pink roses. Form them in an every-other pattern. You may find that crisscrossing the stems will help them stay in place better.

Two //

Add three stems of Israeli Ruscus in between the roses, pushing the greenery closer to the center.

Three //

Add three small bundles of Babies Breath near the Israeli Rusus stems.

Note: Work in three's. It helps your bouquet be a little more balanced.

Four //

Add three stems of White Cremons near the pink roses--one on each side.

Five //

Add three stems of pink garden roses towards the center of the bouquet.

Find a section where it's mostly White Roses & White Cremons. I tucked each Garden Rose up and in where the Israeli Ruscus & Babies Breath are. See the second picture to see this step up close!

Six //

Add a few accents of Carnations. I added 3 stems, but each stem had 2-3 buds on them. Follow the rules of three and add them where you feel you want a little more color. I put them where there were White Roses to pull color through the bouquet more.

Seven //

Wrap the stems with floral tape. Start wrapping about 2 inches from the base of the flowers and wrap the floral tape tightly, going down about 3 inches. Don't worry--you'll be covering it in the next step!

Eight //

Wrap your choice of ribbon or lace around the stems to cover the floral tape.

Nine //

Secure the ribbon or lace to itself using a little hot glue. Just make sure you secure it to the back of the bouquet. There is always a back to the bouquet--just pick your favorite side!

Ten //

On the front of your bouquet, put pearl floral pins down the front. We used three pins for the bridesmaid bouquets.

Pro Tip: If you insert the pins from a downward angle, it will prevent them from poking through!

There 'ya have it! One bouquet down, the rest of your bridal party bouquets to go!

DIY Boutonniere //

Flowers Needed:
White Roses
Seeded Eucalyptus
Babies Breath

Supplies Needed:
Floral Tape
 Hot Glue Gun
Pearl Floral Pins

Boutonnieres are always a little tricky, because they are so small. The key is to find a perfect rose, a little greenery, and always remember, less is more.

One //

Remove guard petals from your rose to make it perfectly symmetrical and to remove any ugly petals.

Two //

Add a small section of seeded eucalyptus behind the back of the rose.

You determine which side of the rose you'd like to be the front. Like I said before with the bouquets, there is always a font and a back. It really doesn't matter which side you choose, but always keep it the same as you continue making your bouquet or boutonniere.

Photo shown below already has some Babies Breath--we missed one pic. Oops!

Three //

Add one or two small pieces of Babies Breath behind the rose.

For some boutonnieres, I only needed one piece, but for others, I used two to help frame the rose.

Four //

Tightly wrap floral tape around the stems for about an inch.

Five //

Wrap your choice of ribbon or lace around the stems to cover the floral tape and secure it to the back of the stems with a little dap of hot glue.

Remember to have a few extra pearl floral pins on hand the day of the wedding so that you can attach them to your groom & bridal party's attire!

I wish I had bridal party photos, but my sister is still waiting for her photos. I'm hoping that when she receives them, I'll be able to share a few with you!

I hope this tutorial helps! If you choose to use different flowers, always remember the rule of threes. No matter what flowers you use, that rule and pattern will always help you create a gorgeous bouquet.

Are you making your own bouquets for your wedding?!
Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.


  1. How long in advance can you make the bouquets and boutonnières? And how / where would you store them to keep the looking fresh?

    1. Hi there! So sorry I'm just seeing your comment. If the wedding is on a Saturday, I get the flowers delivered on Wednesday and cut the stems and put them in fresh water overnight. On Thursday, I'll make the bouquets and boutonnieres and Friday is when I usually prep the arch before the rehearsal. For a couple weddings, I just left the flowers out overnight in water to help them bloom a little more, but others I put them in the fridge in water to keep them from opening more--it's all about how quickly they open/the type of flowers. Also, keep a couple spare flowers you can switch out in a bouquet if need be--it's rare that I've had to switch them out, but you want to have a few extra just in case. Hope this all helps! :)


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