I can't believe that I'm finally typing these words! We have waited for TEN months to move into our home from start to finish, but the wait was more than worth it. We are obsessed with our home, and it feels so good to be able to come home to our home.

On Thursday, September 19th, at 9 A.M., we did our final walk-through and saw our finished home for the very first time. I'm not going to lie, my eyes filled up with happy tears when we walked up to the kitchen. It's going to be the heart of our home, especially because our main level is all open concept with the living room & dining room.

Once our walk-through was finished, it was time for our settlement at 11 A.M.! We had such a great team to work with--from our builders & their team and sub-contractors to our mortgage/loan team, we loved working with them all. We seriously hit the lottery when it came to our teams, and we couldn't have gone through this process without them.

We signed our names what felt like a thousand times, handed over our closing costs check, and were handed those glorious keys! Chris said as soon as the keys came out I grabbed them so quick, but could you blame me?! haha! Those keys signified more than just a house. They're so much more--they represent the financial sacrifices we've made, personal sacrifices, working late-nights and what felt like every day, but gosh, those keys, this house, it's a dream. It honestly still doesn't seem real still--maybe soon it will officially sink in.

My parents ended up coming first thing that morning, so they were there to see us as we walked out of the model home after we finished up at settlement. After we gave them the official tour, it was time to head to our rental and load up the cars and pickup truck with anything and everything we could fit!

Between Thursday and Friday, we took an uncountable amount of trips between the two houses with full cars. I wanted to get as many kitchen items into our home so that my Mom & I could start unpacking and organizing while Chris and my Dad started to install our new light fixtures. Y'all, I cannot wait to show you how our new light fixtures look in our home--they're gorgeous!

On Friday, we had a little more help, and my in-laws came right after work to bring a few loads to our new house, and we also had our besties there to help us bring some of the larger items that could still fit in the pickup truck. I am so thankful we were able to do this because when Saturday came, we still had so much left we had to bring over.

As Saturday rolled around, it was the official moving day aka get all the rest of our crap out of the basement of our rental. At this point, I'll be honest, I was just ready for the moving process to be over, because gosh is it exhausting--both physically and mentally.

Once almost everything was moved into our house and garage for sorting, it was time to get our bed frame and headboard into our house. This my friends was an adventure. We had 5 guys + me on it to lift it over our second story deck just to get it in the house...5 guys, 4 letter words exchanged, 3 scrapes and dents in my brand new wall, 2 stories climbed, and 1 gorgeous headboard makes for a stunning master bedroom.

Over the next week, Chris and I will just be spending every spare second organizing our things, adding to our huge donation pile that's currently consuming our garage, and finally, begin decorating soon. We're almost through most of the boxes, have a few more mini projects to finish, and then we can start hanging photos & art on the wall and get to the fun parts of having our own home to make truly our own.

To everyone that was there for us on moving day and every step of our new build, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. To our friends who opened their home to us a little over a year ago, there are no words that can let you know how you've changed our lives forever. To our parents, we'd never be where we are without your love & support. To our besties, thanks for being there every step of the way as we went through this building journey together! We will never be able to say thank you enough.

Our home turned out perfectly and we're so grateful for the ability to build our first home. We are so thankful for our builders, Rouse Chamberlin, who truly helped our dreams and visions come true. If you're in the MontCo, ChesCo, or DelCo counties in PA, be sure to check out their amazing communities, and let them know that Kristen from A Classy Fashionista sent ya!

I can't wait to continue to share our house to home journey with you.

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