It's time for another fall fashion Fri-Yay! I've teamed up with some of my blogger friends to bring you several different stylings of a vest this fall. I'll share their blog links at the bottom of today's post so you can check them out as well!

Raise your hand if you have this J.Crew herringbone vest?! I still remember the moment I bought this vest. I was a live-in nanny with hardly any extra money each month, but I had just started blogging and needed this vest, because well, doesn't every blogger have this vest?! haha!

Over the years, it's been hard to figure out different styling options for this vest since it's been a staple in many of your closets for years. Instead of pairing it with the classic white button-down or a striped long-sleeve tee, I wanted to pair it with a black turtleneck. Turtlenecks always get thrown to the back burner when styling, and I think it's time we bring them back. I've been pairing this black turtleneck with so many different items in my closet, and it creates such a classy look.

I've worn this outfit before with black denim, but I wanted to add something different, so I paired it with my high waist straight denim, and I am loving it! Dark denim is such a closet staple for the fall, and high waist denim are a great option for an every day, yet elevated casual look.

Y'all know I've been loving my newest hat, and it slipped its way into this post as well. If you're looking for a new way to style the classic J. Crew herringbone vest, I hope this inspired you to try a turtleneck this season!

Here are a few other ways you could wear your herringbone vest:

Striped long sleeve tee
Plaid button-down
Cream sweater
Red sweater
Gingham button-down with a cream sweater
Leopard print long sleeve tee
Denim button-down

Don't be afraid to mix patterns. Herringbone is such a neutral now, especially in this vest. Go ahead and pair it with a little plaid or leopard--maybe have all three!

Be sure to check out how my blogger besties styled vests this week for Fall Fashion Friday!

Alexis @ Alexis Buxton Living

Erica @ Live Style Travel

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Herringbone Vest (Hoping it comes back in stock soon!)

How do you style your herringbone vest?!

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