Tuesday, October 15, 2019

 There's nothing worse than feeling stuck in a fashion rut. You can feel so uninspired and if you're like me, you don't feel confident. For me, clothing and how much I like my outfit affects my entire day. That might seem crazy, but my life literally revolves around fashion. From my blog to my full-time job, I am surrounded by fashion and styling, so today, I want to help you just like I help my clients on a daily basis. It's time to get out of that fashion rut!

When you're stuck in a fashion rut, you may look at your closet and immediately hate everything. Sometimes it's not about the clothes that you do have, it's about what you don't--like simple basics. The clothes that you do have are great pieces, however, you might be missing some key basics you need to create the perfect outfit.

Just recently, I hated the fit of every pair of denim that was in my closet. I invested in a new pair of basic dark denim, and it's amazing how something so simple like new denim can help you feel confident and change everything. All of a sudden, the tops and sweaters that I already have looked so much better, because I felt confident in what I was wearing.

Something else I've learned as I'm styling clients at my full-time job is that sometimes we invest in too many trends or patterns that are only here for a few months or that particular season. To keep yourself out of a fashion rut in a few months from now, when you're going shopping, invest in key pieces that will last past the season or carry over into next year.

Stick with more solids--neutrals are always a great place to start, and then choose a few accent pieces that really reflect your style. Personally, as we're in the heart of fall, I accent with all-things leopard print, because it reflects who I am. Not only will this make it easier to style outfits, but your budget will thank you, too!

Get out of that fashion rut, girlfriend! Find that pattern or color that makes you smile. Fashion is all about reflecting who you are through your clothing--make sure the pieces you are investing in truly reflect you.

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As for this amazing outfit, y'all, I am obsessed with this skirt. Like I said, leopard print is a pattern that I will love forever. To me, it's a basic neutral and I love it. I paired this leopard print maxi from Chicwish with a new puff sleeve sweater from LOFT! I love the neutral combo, and of course, I added my new hat from Amazon for the perfect fall outfit.

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Puff Sleeve Sweater
Leopard Print Skirt

How do you get out of a fashion rut?! Share in the comments!

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